About This Blog

Hey everyone!

And by everyone I mean myself, since I am the only one probably ever going to read this blog. Anyways, let me tell you a bit about what I am doing. I used to be 155 pounds and let me tell you something it all sat in my stomach like Santa’s belly. Over the summer I managed to lose around 20 pounds and I am continuing my journey till I am toned up and healthy. Getting in shape and staying accountable means a lot to me and I LOVE FOOD! I seriously love food. All I do is eat. So imagine how I have struggled losing weight. I wanted this blog to be something of a motivation for myself and others and a place where I could post about different recipes I’m trying/coming up with.

Hopefully anyone who ever reads this enjoys it. If no one reads it then I guess I’ll just try to keep myself accountable via blog posts. =]

I am going to try to do Motivation Mondays, What I Ate Wednesdays, Food Fridays, and Sunday Rundays. So look out for those. Every day I am going to update about what I ate, the calorie count, and the workout I did that day along with other random posts sometimes. So I hope you all enjoy this blog and I would love to hear from you guys!


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