Christmas Photos

Hi everyone!

So I know Christmas was like forever ago, but since I moved to this blog I figured I would share with you some of the pictures from my Christmas morning with my family. =] I love me some family posts.

Me, Nicole, My Mom, and My Stepdad

Alrighty, so let me give you a quick background! My Mom and my Stepdad recently moved to Pennsylvania, hence the moving to Pennsylvania talk that my roommate and I are having. Anyways, we had to do Christmas morning in my apartment. The morning consisted of me waking up super early to put some healthy single serve Monkey Breads into the oven (I definitely ate 4 haha) and preparing a fruit salad. We all had some coffee and Silk Nog and proceeded to open the presents we all got each other. My Mom and I are super active so most of the stuff she got me was for running and working out. I got the Garmin 405, which I am obsessed with for keeping pacing when I am running outside because I am terrible at it on my own. I also got a Gronkowski jersey, a runner’s journal, some gift cards, and a couple quarterzips. I ended up getting a new iPhone from my Dad later on the in the day when I went with him.

Nicole, Me, and my lovely Mother

I got my Mom a necklace that said Believe in Yourself. I did this because she is studying to become a person trainer. Something she’s wanted for a long time, but she put it on the back burner to help put me through college and get me where I needed to be. I am so proud of her that she is finally doing something for herself. It’s proof that it’s never too late to start your dreams.

My Mom and I

My Stepdad and I

So alas, here are the family pictures. Mind you, these may be the first family photos we’ve taken together since a scarring trip to a church when I was 10 and we were all mega pudgy haha. I hope that we continue this tradition whenever we all get together, which is very seldom these days.

Me, my stepsister Nicole, my Mom, and Stepdad


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