Daily Eats

Hello all!!

So due to the fact that I have electric heating in my apartment I can no longer afford heat… In the dead of winter haha. It’s like 30 degrees outside… It’s ridiculous. So I have like 8,000 blankets on and am freezing my ass off. I need to move south haha.

Speaking of moving, my roommate and I have actually been talking about where we want to move once we graduate in May. Since we are both moving in with her parents in Massachusetts till October then moving to Pennsylvania we quickly figured out that we actually can move anywhere we want since neither of us are tied down to a spot. Oh yeah, that also means we’re both single haha… Jokes. Anyways, we compiled a list so far of Colorado, Baltimore, DC, Orlando, California, and Hawaii. Lofty places to live lol. But all this talk about warm weather is making me want to move like yesterday. New England has the tendency to stay gray and semi dark all day long and stay frigid every day. It’s a mildly depressing place to live in the winter. Is it May yet?

Anyways, moving on to the food!

Meal 1:
2 Van’s 8 Grain Waffles, 2 tbsp of Maranatha Almond Butter, a banana, and chia seeds sprinkled on top. (This is easily becoming one of my favorite breakfasts)


Meal 2:
2% Mango chobani to recover after the gym. (Super important to have simple carbs and protein after the gym to help pull that protein into your muscles!)

Meal 3:
A grilled cheese made with 2% American and Extra Fiber Light Bread with some cherries, cucumbers, and tomatoes on the side.


Meal 4:
Peanut butter energy bites and a kiwi.

Meal 5:
A leftover lasagna roll up.


Meal 6:
Yogurt ranch dip with some original popchips.

Total Calories: 1,604


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