Lazy Sundays

Happy Sunday everyone!

Sundays are my favorite days of all time because it’s the one day I know I have completely to myself. I always ask for Sundays off from work as a day to sit down and watch some football (I am the biggest Patriots fan ever), catch up on some reading, enjoy a long workout, and just have a relaxing day. Sundays do, however, make me miss summer so much because they always make me want to go for a hike or run down to the beach. I cannot wait for that time of year to come around.

Anyways, this Sunday is a super lazy Sunday since the Patriots aren’t even playing today due to a first round bye and a homefield advantage next week. Yay for being number 1 in our division. Now before I completely turn all non-Pats fans off from my blog I promise the food is coming.

For the workout today I kept it a little on the light side. My legs were super sore today, which I believe I have whined about enough. 😉 So I still wanted to do something active even if it wasn’t my half marathon training scheduled run. I did a 4 mile walk on a 5.0 incline on the treadmill at a 3.8 mph speed. It felt good to still get a little sweat going on.

I burned 415 calories during my cardio session.

Meal 1:
Reese’s Cookie Batter Oatmeal (Recipe taken from the Dashing Dish blog, it’s actually healthy even though it sounds guilty!) with sliced banana and chia seeds on top.

That's my bad, I ate half of it before I remembered to post it. =P

Meal 2:
6 oz Vanilla Chobani and 1/4 cup of Living Intention Superfood Cereal Cacao Crunch (STUFF IS AMAZING GUYS). Also, some Bigelow Pure Organic Green Tea.

Meal 3:
A 2% cheese quesadilla on a low carb whole wheat wrap with a side of roasted garlic broccoli, tomatoes, and Amy’s Black Bean and Corn Salsa.

Meal 4:
A homemade peanut butter energy bite (Recipe from the PBFingers blog)

Meal 5:
A leftover lasagna roll up (Taken from the Dashing Dish blog).

Meal 6:
2 kiwis and homemade yogurt ranch dip with some original popchips.

Total Calories: 1,521

I also think I forgot to mention on any of my earlier posts that my current weight is 134.2 lbs. My goal weight is around 125 lbs. Let me just explain that I’m more so going by how my clothes fit and what my body looks like than the number on the scale. If 130 means my clothes look bomb then that is where I will stop. I will keep you all updated on my weight loss journey. 😉


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