Upper Body Superset

Hi everyone!

I had this on my old blog because a lot of people on twitter asked me to post it when I tweeted about doing it once, so I am just going to drag the post over here so all my new readers, or old readers can see it again.

So due to my half marathon training I have kind of lost focus on strength training. So in order to make up for that I did an upper body workout today that involved super sets. If you don’t know what a super set is, it basically means that you take two opposing muscle groups (biceps, shoulders, and triceps, then chest and back, then legs, and then core) and do two full sets of exercises right after each other. For example, I would do 1×12 Bicep Curls and then right after, no rest period, do triceps kicksbacks 1×12.

This was literally one of the BEST upper body workouts I have ever done. I was done in about 40 minutes, it was hard, but not impossible. I still feel it about an hour after and I loved every second of it. It kept my heart rate up and really pushed me.

Here was my list:

Superset 1: Bicep Curls and Triceps Kickbacks (3×12).
Superset 2: Bench Press and Back Flyes (3×12)
Superset 3: Dumbbell Shrugs and Lateral Raises (3×12)
Superset 4: Hammer Curls and Triceps Extensions (3×12)
Superset 5: Flyes and One Arm Dumbbell Rows (3×12)
Superset 6: Front Raises and Ryan’s Awesome Shoulder Move (3×12)


*As always make sure to check with your doctor before starting a new workout routine and if you have any questions about what these moves look like http://www.bodybuilding.com has an entire exercise database with videos on how to do every single one. Except Ryan’s Awesome Shoulder Move, which comes from the PBFingers blog*

Then I did a quick little cardio work. 15 minutes on a 15.0 incline walking at a 4.0 mph pace then I went down to a walk at 3.5 mph pace (0.0 incline) for one minute, then ran at a 7.0 mph pace for 1 minute, slowed to 3.5 mph for one minute, ran at a 7.5 mph pace for one minute, rounded out with walking the last minute at a 3.5 mph pace.

Total Calories Burned During Cardio: 285


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