Bic Bands

So I hate headbands. They always slip off my head, I can never find ones that legit just stay on and don’t aggravate me during a workout… Until recently. I was reading a couple of blogs and they were all mentioning Bic Bands. Not only did they claim they didn’t budge for an entire workout, but they were cute.

Umm… No. Not possible… BUT IT IS!

Haha, anyways I bought my first one a couple weeks ago. I thought it was cute and figured it was only $10 and they donate to charity for every one that is bought. It was the best decision I ever made.


They don’t slip off at all. During weight training or cardio sessions no matter how much I was sweating it didn’t move. And let me tell you something, I sweat a lot. I also used to think I had a weird shaped head haha. It made me self conscious.

So let me share with you the new ones I bought. They were out of stock for a while because I am pretty sure she hand makes them and they don’t ever have a lot in stock so I just went a little hog wild haha.

Peacock Minnie Sparkle:


Gunmetal Minnie Sparkle:


Solid Black Minnie (for when I want to wear it with normal clothes haha):


Check it out people! It’s legit, I am obsessed with them!


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