Foam Roller

Hurts so bad, but loves soooo good. (I know the correct grammar is well, but that just sounds funny in that context.) Seriously, I cannot believe my legs still hurt! I am such a little whimp. I clearly need to work these bad boys more often! They’ve felt so neglected. I am going to foam roll throughout the day in hopes that when I go to the gym with my roommate later they don’t hurt as bad. =]

Anyways, I started off my morning with my standard vanilla Chobani and Living Intentions Superfood Cereal Cacao Crunch combination and a little green tea. If you guys haven’t tried this cereal/granola you need to, it’s ahhhhmazing. It’s full of really healthy things like maca root and chocolate. 😉

Next up on the menu when my hunger came back with a vengeance was a homemade peanut butter energy bite and two delicious little kiwis. I’m basically obsessed with the PBFingers blog, I think it’s awesome and has a lot of delicious recipes along with heartwarming puppy pictures, which means I am all over it. If you haven’t checked it out already you definitely should.

For lunch, I was craving another quesadilla so I made the same thing as yesterday, only I ran out of tomatoes so I only had roasted broccoli on the side with some salsa for my quesadilla dippin’. But that’s okay because something about a warm and crunchy quesadilla makes up for soooo much. Ole. Also, I’m not sure why I haven’t roasted veggies before. Normally I steam them in their convenient little pouches or saute them on the stove with other things. But let me tell you people, I have been missing out! Roasting vegetables is the best! It’s so delicious. At first I thought I burnt them? But I guess I didn’t cause they tasted like crack amazing. So this was totally my bad but I was so hungry that I forgot to take a picture before I devoured it. Here’s the one from yesterday. Yes, this post is full of repeat eats from yesterday.

So anyways, back to the roasting. I roasted my broccoli in a 425 degree oven for 8 minutes. I put garlic powder, salt, pepper, and minced garlic on it. In order to make that stick I sprayed the broccoli with cooking spray. =]

Let me know if you ever try it! Or if you’ve been eating roasted vegetables for years and think I am Patrick the starfish living under a rock. Either way… Good eats.


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