Granny Smiths and Supersets

First thing this morning we went to the gym to bust out a little upper body superset and some cardio. This mornings superset contained:

Superset 1:
Biceps Curls 3×12
Triceps Kickbacks 3×12
Superset 2:

Bench Press 3×12
Back Flyes 3×12
Superset 3:

Lateral Raises 3×12
Dumbbell Shrugs 3×12
Superset 4:

Hammer Curls 3×12
Triceps Extensions 3×12
Superset 5:

Chest Flyes 3×12
One Arm Dumbbell Rows 3×12
Superset 6:

Arnold Shoulder Press 3×12
Front Raises 3×12

Same as last time only substituting Ryan’s Awesome Shoulder Move for Arnold Shoulder Presses. I am in the process of coming up with a couple new supersets to share with you guys so keep an eye for those. 🙂 As always, if you don’t know what these moves look like for proper form check out for their exercise video database.

When we got back from the gym I was STARVING and could basically have eaten the counter while the chicken for my wrap was cooking. I took 4 oz of chicken and sauteed that on the stove in bite size pieces with a little sea salt and pepper. I loaded up that chicken on top of Granny Smith Apple slices on a multigrain flatout and some Annie’s lite Raspberry salad dressing. The combination of sweet and savory was amazing, it was soooo good. My roommate was even impressed. On the side I had a 100 calorie pack of Smartfood popcorn because I was craving popcorn and an Honest Kids Tango Punch juice pouch. 🙂 Overall, very sucessful lunch.

All wrapped up!

How did everyone like those videos of me making a fool of myself in comparison to my skilled roomie on the Wii Zumba Fitness game?!

I also want to put a little side note disclaimer in this post. I have chosen to not post everything I eat in a day. It doesn’t make for a very exciting post and I don’t think everyone needs to know when I have apple or some strawberries here and there. So please when you are reading this keep that in mind and do not think that everything contained in these posts are the totality of what I eat. I eat enough for like 10 people, so don’t worry I eat enough. 🙂


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