White Out

Happy Friday everyone!

So as you all know my roommate and I are in Pennsylvania. Well we woke up this morning to a white out. Literally there is snow everywhere!!! Inches upon inches snowed last night. This is not that shocking or weird seeing how we are both from New England, home of the snow and Noreasters, but I was just not prepared to see this much snow this morning. It also still hasn’t stopped snowing yet! It’s crazy. What happened to a week ago when we were getting Spring temperatures still? Can we go back to that? At least for a little while haha.

This is my backyard as of this morning!

The hot tub looks so sad under that snow haha

So after running around the house to take pictures of the snow this morning my roommate and I decided to put a small hold on heading off to the gym since the weather is so bad and decided to make breakfast. The standard 2 whole grain waffles, a little organic peanut butter, bananas, and chia seeds made another appearance this morning. I’m a tad sad that all the bananas and waffles are gone now haha… Hungry hungry little hippos over here. =]

I'm now making it a running tradition to take a bite before I show you 😉

Pretty soon we will be gearing up to do a little Wii Zumba Fitness just to get some cardio in since the weather is no bueno outside. Tonight hopefully the roads will be clear so that we can go out and have a little fun tonight snow and all. =]

I know Erie, PA may be one of the most random places on the planet, but State Street, my friends, is where it’s at. I highly recommend Slugger’s if any of you are down this way. The atmosphere is killer and the bartenders are the bomb dot com. But enough about me being 21, haha. I hope everyone has an awesome day!

Question of the day: Is it dumping snow where you are too?
Is anyone actually a huge snow fan?


2 thoughts on “White Out

  1. I’m in state college right now..the very middle of pa, and im soooo glad we didn’t get as much as you haha. woke up to a few inches, almost fell on black ice, and my car door was frozen shut 😦 i like snow when i dont have to go outside hahah

    • I am so jealous, haha. It’s crazy here and the wind is just blowing it everywhere! Be careful out there, black ice is a killer. I love snow when I can just sit in my house all day and do nothing haha, but it’s when I have to leave that it gets me every time.

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