Sick as a Dog

Hey guys!

So guess who’s super duper sick?! This kid! I guess this weekend got the best of me. So this week has been dedicated to me trying to get better. Currently I am losing my voice, have a super bad headache, and my entire body aches. It feels like I had an intense gym workout… Without actually going to the gym haha. So anyways, another lazy day is up on the docket for today. I will be spending lots of time on this couch.

However, I did manage to catch up on this season of the Bachelor! What the heck is going on this season? There is so much drama and cattiness it’s ridiculous! I cannot believe how much these girls enjoy tearing each other down. Not really my cup of tea. Does anyone think this season seems a little forced in the drama department, however? I just feel like there is something going on where they are staging fights and issues between the girls. I’m not sure, maybe I’m the only one who thinks that, but it’s whack-a-doodle.

Moving on to the healthy eats of today. This morning I woke up just wanting some comfort good so I made another batch of the healthy french toast I made earlier this week and had a clementine on the side in order to get that extra punch of vitamin C to help me feel better.

I’m on my like 10000000000000th glass of water today hahaha. I’m hoping to flush out my system before this last weekend before school hits. 😉 Then it’s back to the seriousness of my last semester of college. Wahoo! However, I am a little nervous to graduate, obviously. It’s hard graduating not knowing what you really want to do and where the rest of life can take you. I was always used to having a plan and when I finally wasn’t happy with my plan anymore I got a little nervous to think about what is going to happen now that I don’t. The good news is I have decided to take a personal training and fitness nutrition course over the summer from NASM when I graduate hoping that I can do something I enjoy for a while trying to figure some things out. 🙂

Moving on to more food for lunchtime. I made myself a healthy little stir fry with soba noodles, red and green bell peppers, and some steamed broccoli. The sauce was the standard healthy mix of lemon juice and soy sauce. That’s all you need! Normally I use chicken in there too, but we didn’t seem to have any in the house so it was all vegetables for lunch today. This is unfortunate since I got hungry about an hour or so later and ended up eating a bagel with lite cream cheese and grape jelly haha.

As much as I love being here I am also kind of excited to get back to a normal routine of working out and eating healthy. I try my best here, but sometimes I just get too lazy and go for the most convenient things in this house. Hence why I don’t keep any of that stuff around my apartment or the temptation would be too great all the time. 😉

Tonight for dinner my roommate and I planned a big Italian dinner with gravy some linguine and caprese salad. I am really excited for it! I will post pictures and recipes soon!!!

I hope everyone is having an awesome humps day! Do something for your booty today! If you do I’d love to hear about any booty exercises you guys have! 🙂


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