New Leg Superset!

Hi everyone!

So I haven’t had anything super exciting to share on the recipe front so today I decided to give you all a little workout! We all know I love my supersets, because they are fast and do the job. No one wants to spend hours in the gym if they don’t have to, right? This is my quick and dirty get the job done leg superset. If you plan on doing cardio on the same day with this I would most definitely start with the cardio since the goal is to get your legs pretty noodly feeling after this superset workout. 🙂 Enjoy! And let me know if you try it, hate it, love it, or even if you want more!

Quick and Dirty Leg Superset

Superset 1:
Leg press 3×15
Leg Curls 3×15
Superset 2:
Step Ups (With or without weights) 3×15
Hack Squat (Barbell behind the back) 3×10
Superset 3:
Barbell Squats 3×15
Walking Lunges 3×15
Last set (No Superset):
Dead Lifts 3×12

Super quick and you’ll feel it assuming you’re using challenging weights! I highly encourage doing so. More bang for your buck. 😉 Don’t forget to foam roll if you’re feeling super sore! I love me some foam rolling.

As always, check with a doctor before starting a new exercise routine. This one is for intermediate gym goers I would say. You can obviously take off some weights and make it easier if you are beginner! Also, if you have any question on what proper form for these exercises looks like please don’t hesitate to check out YouTube or Both have awesome video databases for exercises.

A new upper body one is in the works. I am also starting up an abs and core superset. So keep your eyes peeled!


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