New Routine

Happy Friday! The week is almost over! Technically the weekends starts for me today since I don’t have classes on Fridays. However, the downside is it’s raining! And snowing! I didn’t update any posts yesterday because I was crazy busy rushing from class to work, then to the gym where I did a mess of random exercises and 20 minutes of cardio, while my roommate and I complained about how overly packed it was with another regular. After that random workout I drove home devouring a fuji apple excited about the dinner I had been thinking about all day long. A turkey burger with cheese and a sweet potato on the side. Come to find out I had no saran wrap so my potato was going to take 40 minutes in the oven… So I ate the turkey burger first and waited, not so patiently, for my sweet potato, which I ate too fast to take a picture of haha. Here’s the awkward looking burger on it’s own.

Due to the hodge podge mix of no fun weather tonight into this morning I woke up not exactly motivated to work out since my stomach was growling and set to work in the kitchen to make a warm breakfast. I present to you Pumpkin and Banana Chia Oatmeal! I stole this recipe right off the PBFingers blog and added chia seeds. It was delicious even though I was on the phone with Comcast trying to figure out why our tv hasn’t been working for a few days. Ohhh cable companies how I hate you. 😛


After my breakfast, while waiting for my cable box to restart and get a call back from customer service I decided our gym routine was a bit boring/chaotic with no real direction. We needed a bit more structure so I sat down to create an awesome little weeks worth of exercises for the entire body. I will share with you every day when we tackle a new one. Then we will repeat them starting Mondays for a month. 🙂 I would love if people wanted to try them out with us! I also love any feedback.

Anyways, since we aren’t starting that till Monday this week will still be filled with random workouts targeting muscles we neglected randomly the day before. Yesterday we did 20 minutes of running/walking on the treadmill then went to complete this random mess, while discovering a new favorite workout set.

Triceps Cable Pulldowns with Rope 2×12, 3rd set to fail (KILLER! MORE ON THIS IN A SECOND!)
Low Cable Rows 2×12, 3rd set to fail
Triceps Overhead Rope Pull 2×12, 3rd set to fail
Lat Pulldown 2×12, 3rd set to fail

Let me tell you about this 3rd set to fail business. Basically you keep going in reps until your muscles fail and can no longer complete another rep in proper form or at all for that matter. My triceps are feeling it today! Fail sets are something we are incorporating in our new month long training program. They are super effective and you feel them hardcore the next day. With that said I want to make sure people are still using heavier weights and not just doing easy weights for a long period of time. Most of our fail sets occurred at like rep 15-20, so we weren’t actually doing that many more. Today I am doing 30 minutes of cardio and doing this random weight lifting mess.

Arnold Press 2×12, 3rd set to fail
Lateral Raises 2×12, 3rd set to fail
Front Raises 2×12, 3rd set to fail
Biceps Curls 2×12, 3rd set to fail
Hammer Curls 2×12, 3rd set to fail
Barbell Curls 2×12, 3rd set to fail
Chest Flyes 2×12, 3rd set to fail
Bench Press 2×12, 3rd set to fail
Around the Worlds 2×12, 3rd set to fail

No, I don’t completely recommend doing these messy workouts, but you are welcome to attempt them if you want! Haha, stay tuned for Sunday night because I will be posting Monday’s strength workout so that if you want to start on the same day as us you can. 🙂

Question of the day: Anything you guys would like to see on this blog? More workouts, recipes, fashion posts or anything?


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