A Total Bust and Super Bowl Sunday

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO PATS GO PATS GO PATS GO PATS GO PATS GO PATS GO PATS GO PATS GO PATS GO PATS GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay sorry, I am done. 🙂 Guess who I am rooting for? 😉 What better way to start out the Super Bowl and a Sunday than with… PANCAKES! We stole the recipe off the back of the 32 oz vanilla Chobani container but you can also find it at http://chobanikitchen.com/recipes/detail/perfect-pancakes. I used way more almond milk than the recipe requires because it’s pretty thick batter, but I think I have said that before. To give them more of a staying power I used peanut butter and bananas with chia seeds on top! Delicious!

Anyways, about last night. It was a total bust! My roommate and I thought we were going out to Providence to bar hop, but unfortunately we never left campus and the parties were super duper packed. We got bumped into, people were making out next to us, and there was just some crazy dancing all up on us. Haha, it was just not our scene to say the least. I only managed to score two pictures for you guys and they consisted of Francine, the flabongo. Aka, a flamingo funnel.

I hope everyone enjoys their Super Bowl parties and food! We are making chili later. Recipe posted later. 🙂 It’s a good one!!!! And super healthy. 🙂


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