Leaving for PA!

So today marks the day my roommate and I head back to Pennsylvania for the weekend! We are super excited to head back and have a little break away from New Hampshire. Yes, we were just there. No, we don’t really like where we currently live. Yay for graduating soon! Once you’ve lived in the same place your entire life you start to crave something different. Who knows, I may end up back here in 10 years, but I do want to get out of New England for a little bit. This is the classic no one is friendly place to live. It’s really hard to live around here if you aren’t used to it, haha. But we do have some pretty scenery!

*Side note: The two beach pictures are of me before I started losing weight. It’s kind of weird to see the difference! What a difference a year can make, right guys?!*

That’s one thing you have to give New England credit for, it does have some pretty areas. 🙂 Anyways, I procrastinated with packing or anything productive last night while stuffing my face with cheerios and figuring out how many calories I should be consuming. That is a ridiculously difficult task. Between all the math and the online journals all being different no wonder people are so confused. So I just decided based off of the average I am going to try to consume around 1600-1800 calories a day and see how that works for me for the next couple of weeks. I clearly am not currently eating enough if I am always ravenous with hunger. So I shall continue this learning process as I tone up a bit. 🙂 Just thought I would be honest with you guys since this is a healthy living blog. I lose the majority of my weight over this past summer by counting calories and exercising more. It’s what works for me, but something has clearly changed since I am more hungry now than I was then. Maybe I am exercising more hardcore? Who knows. The trial and error process is quite a journey. I will update you again on how that new calorie count works for me!

For breakfast this morning I went to a standard favorite since I had a hard time waking up, thus making myself a little late for class. I wanted another protein pancake since it was delicious and filled me up like all the way through lunch yesterday, but alas I did not have time to wait for that beast to cook. Instead I used 2 frozen kashi whole grain waffles, with homemade honey cinnamon peanut butter, sliced banana, and chia seeds on top. I stole the peanut butter recipe from Sweet Tooth Sweet Life’s Courtney. I love her blog. She’s amazing. She combined 2 tbsp PB2, 1 tbsp Almond Milk, 1/2 tsp Honey, and a sprinkle of cinnamon! So that’s obviously what I did. Holy cow, it was delicious and only 55 calories in case anyone wanted to know. That’s with unsweetened almond milk (vanilla). 🙂

Also, I am sorry to let you all down. I was exhausted last night by the time I got out of my ridiculously long day of classes that I didn’t end up doing anything but shoulders at the gym. I will have to let you all know how the EPIC cardio and new abs routine go as soon as I do it. But for now that’s on hold. I haven’t been feeling the cardio lately, even though I know it needs to come back into my life soon haha. And I just didn’t do the abs because I was lazy yesterday. 😉

Anyways, I am going to start packing before my roommate gets home and yells at me for being an even worse procrastinator than she is. 🙂 I’ll try to update while we are down there with some fun things! Have a happy Thursday!


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