Gym. Food. Laundry. Haha, I clearly have priorities when it comes to things. Sorry I was MIA yesterday! I basically did all the homework and laundry I had neglected this past weekend all in one day. Also, I didn’t really want to post about my food since I was saving that for the What I Ate Wednesday post I posted bright and early this morning. 🙂

So yesterday my roommate and I went to the gym and completed a weight lifting workout that looked like this:

Bench Press 2×12, 1×8
Back Flyes 3×12
Bent Over Rows 3×12 on both sides
Low Cable Rows 2×12, 1xFail
Lat Pulldowns 3×12
Chest Bench Flyes 3×12

This morning I was starving and craving eggs. Plus, I wanted to try out the nutritional yeast I just bought on Open Sky. I have read about nutritional yeast on a ton of blogs and figured I would give it a shot since most of the people who use it are obsessed with it. It tastes just like cheese. Kind of like Parmesan to be exact. It. Was. Epic. On my eggs. 🙂 For breakfast I made scrambled eggs by combining two eggs, a splash of almond milk, and steamed broccoli with some sea salt and pepper. Once that was finished cooking I topped with some black bean and corn salsa and some nutritional yeast. I basically devoured it along with a toasted bagel flat with a little smart balance spread. Seriously good eats this morning and it held me over almost till lunch. This is a good thing since I am notorious for eating every 2 hours on the hour it seems.

Today is our rest day so nothing exciting on the gym front. However, I am really excited about dinner. Those Italian Quinoa Bowls have been calling my name lately. 🙂 Have a good hump day everyone! Do something for your booty! Or do what I’ve been doing the past 4 days and hold a 1 minute plank. Your body will thank you. 😉


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