Good Eats

Hey all!

I hope you all liked the focus of earlier’s post! I know it was so much more serious than you are used to seeing on here. But don’t worry tonight’s post is light and full of delicious food!

I started off my morning bright and early before my class. Every time I am forced to wake up that early oatmeal is my best friend. I made another batch of my standard chocolate peanut butter oats with sliced banana and chia seeds. 🙂 They never let me or my belly down in the morning.

I was ravenous with hunger when I got out of class because if you don’t feed me every 2-3 hours I become quite the diva. So I took a handful of almonds and added some goji berries for a lovely little trail mix combination that I enjoyed thoroughly. I highly recommend goji berries, they are quite delicious and seriously good for you. Don’t even get me started about raw almonds, they are my weakness next to peanut butter. Shocking, I know. 😉

Guess what I had for lunch today before the gym?! Anyone? Did someone guess salad beast, why yes you would be correct. Want to take another stab at what kind?! CHICKEN AND APPLE?! Man, you guys are good. I have become a little over obsessed with this salad and feel the need to now change it up for you guys before you get bored with me haha.

At the gym my roommate and I completed a shoulders and abs workout that looked like this:

Lateral Raises 3×15
Front Raises 3×15
Shoulder Presses 3×12
Upright Rows 3×15
Plank: Hold for as long as you can
Side Plank on each side: Hold for as long as you can
Russian Plate Twists 3×24
V Sits 3×24
Crunches on the machine 2×30, 1×40

My abs were burning! Haha, I am such a wimp. But seriously, I felt this all up and down my abs.

Apparently I am in the mood to share all my food so why the heck not. For my snack after the gym I made a strawberry and banana smoothie. In the magic bullet went:

6 strawberries
1 banana
2 tsp chia seeds
A small scoop of vanilla chobani
Splash of almond milk
1 cup of water
1 scoop of Sun Warrior Vanilla Protein

Calmed my ravenous hunger since I had to stop at the grocery store after the gym while my stomach was growling. What a test in self control.

Onto my dinner that I was/am super excited about! One of my favorite soups is broccoli and cheese soup… However, it is super caloric in it’s normal creamy form. As I was reading the PBFingers blog I love so much I stumbled upon her new recipe for healthier broccoli and cheese soup. Under 300 calories per serving… AKA I was so ready to make this it wasn’t even funny! By the way, it was delicious and I am obsessed with this soup and want another bowl. But I must have some self control and save it for tomorrow for lunch… And dinner… Sshhhh. Here’s the link to her recipe.

On the side I toasted up a deli flat, spread some smart balance on it, and topped with Garlic Gold Sea Salt Nuggets, Garlic Powder, and Sea Salt… Yes I like things that garlicky and salty. Judge me.

After dinner I was craving something pretty sweet so I rounded it out with a cara cara orange. Seriously, I may be obsessed with these. They are so darn good!

I hope everyone had an awesome day! I’m going to go watch the Celtics try to hold their own against the Bulls. The Bulls just happen to be the best team in the NBA currently. We are number 7 haha.


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