Spaghetti Squash=Heaven

Seriously, that formula is true. But I will get to dinner in a second and it’s worth the wait. 🙂

I had to work again today so nothing really exciting to report on the personal front. Except for the crazy customer I had that yelled at me for overcharging her by 84 cents by accident. Yes, she made me do the full return to get her 84 cents back. Mind you this was a computer error, not my fault haha. Some people, I think, just need a hug and a chill pill. 🙂 That’s the answer to world peace, mark my words.

Anywhoot, I have to tell you about my breakfast!!!! OMG! IT WAS SO GOOD! Sorry, calm now. Kind of. But seriously, it was easily one of the best breakfasts I have had in a really long time. I found the recipe on another favorite blog of mine, Chocolate Covered Katie, and it’s for Baked Cookie Dough Oatmeal. Um hi… That sounds amazing before you even start to taste it. I had crazy high hopes since I am a cookie monster. It didn’t disappoint, it was love at first bite people. You must all make this now in whatever version you please. But you must try it! Here’s the link.

I made it the last night so that I wouldn’t be in a rush this morning and it was ahhhhmazing this morning. Holy crap. And it filled me up through lunch time since my eating schedule gets all whacky at work. I also took about 1/4 of that lovely little cake and put it in some almond milk for fun while I was getting ready for work. I liked it both ways. 🙂

When I got out of work I went straight to the gym since I knew I would lose motivation if I came home first. I completed the EPIC Cardio workout I was going to do like last week or so and I was a sweaty beast. Seriously, Jennifer from @fortheglow is insane. She has some crazy hard, crazy amazing workouts. This cardio routine she wrote was intense. I was breathing so hard and dripping in sweat. Here’s what my speeds looked like. Forewarning: I am a slow poke and these were fast for me. Judge. 😉

Minute 1: 6.5 mph
Minute 2: 5.5 mph
Minute 3: 6.5 mph
Minute 4: 5.5 mph
Minutes 5-8: 7.5 mph for 20 seconds, rest for 10 repeat till you hit minute 8.
Minute 9: 5.5 mph
Minute 10: 3.8 mph
Minute 11: 6.5 mph
Minute 12: 5.0 mph
Minute 13: 6.5 mph
Minute 14: 5.0 mph
Minutes 15-18: 7.5 mph for 20 seconds, rest for 10 repeat till minute 18.
Minute 18: 5.0 mph
Minute 19: 3.8 mph
Minute 20: Cool Down

I covered 2 miles with that! I was stoked! Haha. I left the gym feeling like my lungs were in a vice grip, which I think is the point of those tabata sprints. You only have to hate your life for 3 minutes. Everyone can handle that! Jokes.

I was so excited for dinner tonight I couldn’t even stand it. I haven’t had spaghetti squash since July and I wanted it to make a re-appearance back into my life. So I roasted up some spaghetti squash in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes, middle side down on a greased sheet, while my sweaty mess of a self showered. Then I cooked up some Thin & Trim Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage with some marinara, garlic gold parmesan nuggets, and minced garlic. Threw that sauce on the spaghetti squash that I pulled apart with a fork and dumped a truck load of delicious nutritional yeast on top. Oh holy goodness this may be my new favorite meal. It was so good. Paired with healthy garlic bread, the same from the other day, I was in food heaven. I wanted to marry it haha. I am such a dramatic person sometimes.

It doesn’t look that pretty, but I promise you it was so darn good. I hope everyone had an awesome Saturday. Unfortunately I need to find the motivation to open my neuroscience notes and start studying before I fail out of college. 😉 My night is shaping up to be so boring.


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