Watch the Fingers!

So I have been a hot mess this week! You guys have literally gotten no updates. I cannot believe what a crazy week this has been. I literally have barely seen the inside of my apartment, it’s been that nuts. I was going to post yesterday after my dinner but unfortunately I am a klutz… So while cutting my sweet potato into fry shapes I managed to slice WIDE open my left index finger and thumb. Don’t ask how I managed to nail both of them at the same time but I was gushing blood for like ten minutes until I found the band aids in our apartment. Suffice to say, I have the best roommate and she finished cutting the potato since she didn’t want me to impale myself next.

Haha, this morning I woke up starving as usual and made myself a big bowl of chocolate peanut butter protein oats! It’s same oatmeal I usually make only with a scoop of Sun Warrior Vanilla protein powder added into the mix. Half a banana and chia seeds topped it off. I clearly need to go to the grocery store since I only had half a banana left. I will be doing that as soon as I get out of the gym today. I don’t want to buy too much since my roommate and I are leaving on Thursday for Pennsylvania, but I cannot make it till then without some groceries!

I’m heading into work now, but here’s the workout I will be doing as soon as I get out and get my butt to the gym. It’s a leg day!

Leg Press 3×15
Calf Raises 3×15
Hip Abductor 3×15
Hip Adductor 3×15
Dumbbell Squats 3×20
Dead Lifts 3×15
Step Ups 3×15 each leg
Donkey Kicks 3×15 each leg

Followed by 20 minutes of cardio! I am thinking some various incline intervals are in my near future, I am not feeling the run. So I leave you with a silly picture of me pouting about my fingers. šŸ˜‰

Thanks for still stopping by even though I had a severe lack of posting this week. I promise I am back! This next week shouldn’t be as bad. šŸ™‚ OH ALSO! I almost forgot! I am so excited because I ordered an Eat Clean Cookbook by Tosca Reno. Expect some goodies in your future folks. šŸ™‚



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