Kick Butt Gym Workout

Hey everyone!

I know I didn’t post all weekend because I was gone in Pennsylvania, but boy do I have a post for you today. It won’t include any food since I am using today for my WIAWW post tomorrow. 🙂 But I created a new workout plan for my roommate and I, since we were super bored with the one we were doing and felt that we weren’t really pushing ourselves. 12 weeks until bikini season and a lot of cheating as of late has had my body craving clean food and working out like a psycho in the gym. Yesterday’s workout really kicked my butt and I will be doing it for the next two + Mondays. I am started the Eat Clean Diet Stripped plan after St. Patrick’s Day and may switch my gym routine to a plan I found in Women’s Fitness RX. I will post it if I do decide to do it. 🙂

Anyways, enough babbling… Here is what my roommate and I did yesterday that made our fat cry a river of tears. It was really hard, especially since we have neglected cardio as of late.

Monday: Biceps and Triceps + 20 mins HIIT

Biceps Curls 3×15 superset with Triceps Kickbacks 3×15 (Active Rest: Moutain Climbers 30 seconds)
Hammer Curls 3×15 superset with Overhead Triceps Ext 3×15 (Active Rest: Burpees 30 seconds)
Barbbell Curl 3×20 (Active Rest: High Knees for 30 seconds)
Triceps Skullcrushers 3×15 (Active Rest: Froggers for 30 seconds)
Biceps Cable Curl 3×15 superset with Triceps Rope Pull Down 3×15 (Active Rest: Jumping Jacks 30 seconds)
Cable Hammer Curls 3×15 superset with Triceps Rope Overhead 3×15 (Active Rest: Jump Rope 30 seconds)
Modified Triceps Pushups 3×15
Modified Wide Pushups 3×15

Today’s workout, since I won’t be able to post again today due to work and a crap ton of homework is going to look like this.

Tuesday: Legs + Active Rests

Hip Abductor 3×15
Hip Adductor 3×15
Leg Press 3×15 superset with Calf Raises 3×15
Step Ups 3×15 each leg
Sumo Dumbbell Squats 3×15 (Active rest: Skaters for 30 seconds)
Deadlifts 3×15 (Active Rest: Jump Squats 30 seconds)
Squats 3×15 (Active Rest: Split Jumps 30 seconds)
Around the World Lunges 3×12

For anyone who is wondering what an active rest is, it’s when you finish a set instead of standing there and resting you are doing a cardio or plyometric move to keep your heart rate up. This helps with burning more calories along with still training your muscles while you move. This make every set harder… Like exponentially. I was sweating and dying and struggling like it was my first time at the gym haha. But it felt amazing. On Monday we did a HIIT after which included, for 20 minutes, 1 minute running, 1 minute jogging, 1 minute sprinting, 1 minute walking then repeat till you hit 20 minutes or longer if you are feeling daring. However, if you are pushing yourself to your lactate threshold you probably shouldn’t be able to do more than 20 minutes maybe 25 without feeling like you might fly off the back of the treadmill and die haha.

If you have any questions on the moves as always YouTube is a great source, has an amazing exercise database, and most of the active rests I got for the Nike Training Club App for iPhones. If you guys feel like it would be more helpful if I included pictures or videos in these posts, let me know! I have no problem doing that. 🙂

Here’s a sneak preview at what tomorrow’s WIAWW post has in store for breakfast.

Om Nom!


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