Wednesday’s Workout!

Good morning everyone!

I am heading off to Pennsylvania again today for spring break. Yes, I know I go there a lot. I promise this time I will have more time to post and take pictures so you guys will actually see the trip this time. Also, I am going to make my roommate do that post for you all soon so she can share her chocolate covered strawberries because they are delicious!

Here was my chest and back workout from yesterday!

Chest and Back + 20 mins HIIT

Plank Rows 3×12
Plank Row to Rotation 3×12 each side
Opposite Arm/Leg Supermans 3×15 each side
Low Cable Rows 3×15 (Active Rest: Quick Feet 30 seconds)
Lat Pull Downs 3×15 (Active Rest: Walk Outs 30 seconds)
Back Flyes 3×15 (Active Rest: Quick Feet 30 seconds)
Chest Flyes 3×15 (Active Rest: Walk Outs for 30 seconds)
Cable Crossovers 3×15 (Active Rest: 2 feet Lateral Hops for 30 seconds)
Decline Bench Press with Dumbbells 3×15 (Active Rest: Tummy Tucks 30 seconds)

I heard a lot of good feedback from my last workout post so I was super excited to share this one with you too! 🙂 There’s still one more yet to come. But I do hope that you all give it a try, but just make sure you always use proper form and consult a doctor before starting a new exercise routine. This isn’t exactly a beginner workout, I would probably classify it as intermediate just because active rests and HIITs are hard… At least for me anyways haha. I’m going to post some of the pictures of the weird moves this time just so you don’t have to search all around the internet for them.

Plank Rows:

Plank Rows to Rotation (Do the plank row then go straight into this):

Opposite Arm/Leg Supermans:

Decline Dumbbell Bench Press:

You can also do this move without the bench and just put your body into a bridge position. 🙂

I thought these were the most confusing exercises. If you want me to do all of the exercises in picture form next time let me know! But I think I have used the other moves enough for most of my readers to know what they are! Remember, I am not a personal trainer yet and this is just what I do but everyone is different! Modify if you have to love bugs and enjoy! 🙂


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