Be Prepared

Hey everyone!

I have been so ridiculously busy this week… again… that I haven’t been able to do any of the posts that I have wanted to do. Lucky for everyone, I decided that this was more important than doing a paper and I am now going to bombard you with a ton of posts. 🙂 I missed chatting with you all! Anyways, I am going to update you about what I have been doing lately, then do a post about my workouts and a new decision I made about them, and THEN I am going to do a review on all of the Clean Eating Magazine recipes I did last week… But wait, there’s more. I will also update you later on my dinner. 🙂 And then you will all be sick of me and wonder why I can’t just post once a day like a normal person. Love you too! ❤ 😉

I mentioned a while ago that I was going to be starting a new nutrition plan to lose the last ten pounds that I wanted to lose. My goal is to have abs haha, so whatever the scale says I am fine with as long as I see those babies. So I started the Eat Clean Diet Stripped by Tosca Reno. I am not going to lie, I thought it was going to be a lot easier since I normally eat relatively clean, but it has been a little hard at times. But I feel amazing! 🙂 So it’s been completely worth it. I have been doing it going on 4 days now with 24 left to go! And I can’t wait to tell you the results at the end. I am super excited.

Here are a few highlights of what I have been eating lately!

Day 1

So Day 1 started off on a delicious note with a shrimp frittata made with red potatoes, asparagus, spinach, scallions, and egg whites plus some fresh basil. It was sooooo SOOO good! I devoured it along with my roommate who is doing the plan with me. 🙂

It was literally the most epic breakfast ever. We had to keep stopping and asking each other if this was actually a food you could eat and lose weight. 😉 It was that good!

For lunch, it was far more bland and less exciting. But for once since Spring Break, I didn’t feel bloated or heavy after my meal so I guess it worked. I had grilled chicken breast on top of spinach, tomatoes, and onions squirted with lemon juice.

For dinner that night, it was also pretty bland haha but I still was feeling good so I didn’t mind it all that much and it kept me full. (Just a side note, there are snacks that I have throughout the day, I just didn’t take pictures of them!) I had roasted turkey breast, steamed broccoli, and brown rice. Eating like bodybuilders? Yes haha.

Day 2

Day 2 was the roughest day I have had on this plan so far. I did not enjoy most of the things that were on the plan and I do plan on changing it once we have to repeat this week haha. Learning experience. My Meal 2 (Morning snack) was a green monster. I have yet to master these, but we went with the recipe in the book that was called for. Let me tell you something, I felt amazing after drinking this. My skin was glowing, I had a ton of energy, and I was completely satisfied. I gagged while drinking it. I made lots of faces in front of the building my class was in, my roommate and I were making frat boy jokes while chugging it. People were staring. It was hilariously awkward. Torturous actually. So since then I have done some research and plan on trying a different recipe for the next one. 😉

I didn’t take a picture of the awful Lentil and Potato soup for lunch. 1) Because it looked like green sludge with chicken in it and completely grossed me out when I saw what it looked like. 2) Because I made my roommate finish the rest of mine haha. Dinner that day wasn’t awful however, and made up for an awkward day full of food that I didn’t care for. We had baked trout, roasted broccolini, and brown rice. It was actually quite good even though it didn’t have a ton of flavor.

Day 3

Day 3 was actually one of my favorites! It had so many good eats that you get to see M1, M3, and M5! Breakfast was so amazingly good, I couldn’t even handle it. It was called “Take Me on Vacation Oatmeal” and had oat bran, oatmeal, topped with a mixture of almond milk and vanilla protein powder, mangoes, coconut, ground flax seed, and raw cashews. It sounds like the most awkward thing ever and trust me we were worried when we first saw it, but holy cow I will be eating this again! Even when we are off the stricter Stripped plan and just on the Eat Clean plan for maintenance.

Next up for lunch was a Quick Shrimp Ceviche Stuffed Avocado. My roommate and I both looked at each other laughing about how we could only eat 1/2 an avocado with the stuff on top and assumed we would be starving still since we have grizzly bear appetites. But we actually weren’t, it was super filling and amazingly delicious. It would be an awesome appetizer at a party too if you wanted to impress your guests with healthy and delicious clean food. 🙂

Last, but certainly not least on the food chain of this giant post was last night’s dinner. A bison medallion with roasted leeks and sweet potato wedges. I seasoned the bison with Mrs. Dash since the plan doesn’t want you consuming that much salt and did the same for the veggies as well. It came out amazingly moist and delicious. 🙂

That was the first time I had ever had roasted leeks or bison and I was a fan, I must say. I will be eating a lot more bison in my future and it wasn’t even that expensive. 🙂 Out of respect for the author of the book I am not posting the recipes included in the book since that would be unfair. So if you want to try any of these recipes head out and buy Tosca Reno’s Eat Clean Diet Stripped. It’s an awesome and helpful read if you don’t have that much weight to lose and want to get started on the Eating Clean Revolution Bandwagon. 🙂

Just when you thought this post was over I wanted to show you our St. Patty’s Day outfits from this year and how beautiful it has been around here. 🙂 This is the last part, I know this post is already insanely long and props to anyone who got to the end of it. You guys are my favorites!

I hope you all enjoyed this update. I am trying really hard to be more active this week and not bombard you again. Love you all who keep coming back and reading this blog even when I am absent. 🙂



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