Hot Hot Hot!

You would think the title of this post would have something to do with the insanely beautiful weather most of us have been experiencing. While I am obsessed with the weather, the title is reserved solely for my dinner. This dinner was amazingly delicious and filling, but set my mouth on fiyaaahhhhh! I hope people get that that’s a funny way to say fire. I am often bad at making things looks the way they are supposed to sound. Anyways, tangent. This was a hearty chili, which is an odd thing to have in this weather since it had me sweating and my nose running. I am so attractive, I know. Who wants to date me?! No takers? It’s okay, I understand. 😉

So for Day 4’s dinner Tosca Reno’s “Lots o’Peppers Seafood Chili” was on the menu and it was so flippin’ good. It has shrimp, cod, black beans, lots of green and red bell peppers, and spices up the wazoo and some other fun things. For all of you who have mouths of steel and can handle the heat, I highly recommend it! I trucked through though, so you should all be proud. I’m sure I looked like a gem at the end of it. 😉

Looks good right? I know soups and chili never look that photogenic, but this one actually didn’t come out that bad!

I forgot to mention earlier that today’s workout consisted of 1 hour of cardio with hill and sprint intervals. Not together… That would have killed me. But I separated them! I covered about 4.5 miles and it was awesome. 🙂 Just a quick update!


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