Day 5 of Stripped

Hey everyone!

I am writing this post for a second time since I think my computer is on the verge of crashing or breaking or something since it is running horribly. But I am hoping to get this out before it dies again haha.

This is an update on my plan! I didn’t do any workouts today since I went to work and then got super lazy and filled my head with excuses until I got home and collapsed on my bed, which I have only left to pee and make dinner. Not in the order. 😉 But I did do the Self Magazine Drop 10 Challenge Toning Moves today. I don’t consider it a workout since it took less than 10 minutes. It was challenging, but you only have to do it once so I don’t think it really did anything. I am starting Phase 2 of the LiveFit trainer tomorrow when my roommate gets home so I will have more exciting workout news tomorrow. 🙂


For breakfast this morning I drank liquid acid. Just kidding… kind of. I thought it was awful, my roommate apparently thought it was just interesting. However, she left out the lemon juice, which I think made a huge difference because I am dramatic and took an hour to drink it. It consisted of 2 plums, lemon juice, oats, unsweetened almond milk, ice, water, and vanilla Sun Warrior. Blech! It was gross. I had to keep chewing it too. I do not like chewing my smoothies. I am big texture person so this smoothie was a big fail! Haha.


Lunch was boring. You must love this post haha. I promise dinner is worth it. PLUS I GET ALMOND BUTTER WITH A BANANA LATER! Sorry… I’m excited and I am going to eat it whether I am hungry or not because I NEED ALMOND BUTTER IN MY LIFE RIGHT THE HECK NOW! Haha, anyways continuing on it was a salad… with chicken… tomato… and lemon juice… Yes, it tasted like nothing thanks for asking. However, I am noticing a difference in my body and the way I feel so I am putting up with this plan for the 28 days because anyone can do anything for a month. I will just whine a bit the entire way. 😛

Oh wait there were steamed green beans too apparently… I must have forgotten since they added nothing to the mix haha.


YES! The best part of this post… Except for the banana and almond butter because I like the simple things in life. Give me nut butter and I will sit in the corner quietly and behave while downing it. 🙂 Anyways, back to the salmon. Why yes, I had salmon with SALT and pepper. We never get salt except like once a day this was that time. It was topped with a pineapple orange chutney from the book with a side of brown rice and another recipe from the book for sassy southern greens. Basically I took a bunch of kale and sauteed it in garlic olive oil and red crushed pepper. It was a delicious dinner actually and filled me right up. Even though I still want that banana… And I will have that banana people!

It was seriously good! I downed the kale in like under ten seconds. It was really hard to wait for everything to be ready to take a picture without eating it all. I put my needs on hold just for you guys to be able to feast your eyes on awesomeness.

Now if you’ll excuse me I can hear my peanut butter calling my name in the kitchen. I must listen and go have a stuff your face session date. 😉


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