Full Body Circuit

Happy Sunday everyone! I have been lazy all weekend and I haven’t managed to get any of the homework I wanted to get done, well done. Haha, anyways I did make a very productive plan of going to Pennsylvania again next weekend. Ya know, failing out of school to have fun on the weekends is totally normal, right? Jk, I’m not going to fail out… I hope! πŸ˜‰

Anyways, I have some exciting news. I posted that Clean Eating Magazine review and was contacted by the magazine actually asking if they could use my blog and pictures on their website. I’m not sure when it will be up, but I was super excited about that! It’s amazing what social networking can get you, right?

So today is Day 6 of the Stripped plan and I was going to start the LiveFit trainer Phase 2, but then I decided I didn’t like any of the moves and I thought the workouts just seemed really scattered with how my gym is actually set up so I made my own plan once again. Only this time we are sticking to this one. It’s very different from what we have normally done and I think it’s actually quite a fun switch. You always want to keep your body guessing when it comes to working out so that it doesn’t plateau and you build and burn more. πŸ™‚

So I planned a full body circuit for Sunday plus 45 minutes of hill interval training. I know this seems like a lot, so if you want to try this plan out you can most definitely cut out exercises. We are just crazy and like to spend a lot of time at the gym and really feel dead when we come out. This is probably why most workouts seem too short and easy for me lately and all the experimenting I have done has amounted to nothing. The good news is we never feel overtrained, but it’s probably because our bodies are used to being beaten down haha. So if you try it, alter it to suit your needs. However, the circuit is actually really nice and is good for any level of fitness. I made it slightly challenging, but not too bad since our workouts during the week are kind of brutal.

Full Body Circuit (Do the entire thing through once then rest 1-2 minutes and repeat 1-2 more times!) All 15 reps, except indicated otherwise!

Burpees (10)
Side Bridge with Leg Lift (each side)
Booty Lifter
Side Slimmer
Seesaw Sculptor
Mountain Climbers (20)
Pick Me Up Press
Kick Its
Super Planks
Deadlifts into Rows
Waistline V Twists

Then when we were done the circuit we did the Itty Bitty Bikini workout I shared with you in an older post. πŸ™‚ Then the cardio comes in haha. Most of these moves are from the Self Drop 10 Challenge and can be found at that link if you don’t know what they are, which I am sure you probably don’t since they named them for the plan haha. For the ones that are not part of it, I will post them right now!


Side Bridge with Leg Lifts

Mountain Climbers

Deadlifts into Rows

V Twists

I hope those pictures and that link help you guys out! Let me know if you try this! As always, check with a physician before starting a new exercise routine and don’t do it if it hurts. I am also not a personal trainer yet, this is just what I do and what works for me. πŸ™‚

Keep an eye out later for my food log from today’s day on the plan! Have a good Sunday everyone! And if you are enjoying pancakes, have one for me. πŸ™‚ That includes french toast as well haha.


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