Pull Workout

Hello again! I am so SO SO SO SO SO excited to give you guys this workout! 🙂 Seriously, I am loving the workouts I created for this month for my roommate and I. I am actually obsessed with them a little bit. They really work everything and you definitely don’t leave the gym wishing you did more… Because you probably couldn’t if you wanted to. This workout had me shaking in all the best ways possible! This is an awesome workout for the muscles that you use to pull things everyday aka. biceps and back. As always, modify this if you feel there is too much or it is too hard. Remember, I am not a personal trainer yet so listen to your body and don’t do it if it hurts. This plan is just what works for me. 🙂

Pull Workout

Bent Over Rotating Dumbbell Row 3×10-15
Dumbbell Shrugs 3×12-15
Bentover Barbbell Row 3×10-12
Inverted Rows 3×10
Seated Cable Rows 3×12-18
Wide Grip Lat Pulldown 3×10-12
Reverse Grip Lat Pull Down 3×10-12
Hammer Strength Lat Pull 3×10-12
Alternating Dumbbell Curl 3×10-15
Hammer Curls 3×10-15
Twenty Ones 3×10-15
Biceps Cable Curl 3×12-15
Concentration Curls 3×10-12

Why yes that does look like a lot. I am a nut job and I like to really work every muscle till its death haha. But I don’t recommend that everyone does that since obviously doing that is not enjoyable to everyone. But give some of them a shot! I loved the 21s. They were awesome. If you don’t know what these workouts are as always check YouTube or http://www.bodybuilding.com for the exercise videos and pictures. 🙂 Proper form is SUPER important!

Moving on to food, my favorite part. 😉


For lunch I had another salad beast. Most of the time around lunch time I am really hungry and I never have the motivation to cook anything so that’s why you guys see a lot of sandwiches and salads. They just happen to be my favorite, healthy go to’s when I just want something to come together quickly. Today’s salad beast contained tuna, spinach, tomato, red bell pepper, a little evoo, balsamic vinegar, and garlic gold nuggets! Soooo stinkin’ good. I am overly obsessed with salads, I am aware at how odd that is haha.

And oh wow, so I was going through my phone to email the pictures of my food and I just deleted my lunch by accident. Sorry you won’t be able to see the magnificent salad beast haha. I know you see a ton. 😉 I’ll post my dinner from last night for something fun haha. It was a turkey burger, roasted veggies, a few tomatoes, half a sweet potato with cinnamon and brown sugar, and half an apple. We were cleaning our fridge and sweet potatoes have been on sale this week at Hannaford. 🙂 We spend like 30 cents on a medium one haha. Can’t beat it!Dinner

For dinner tonight I had chicken breast with a little sea salt and pepper, a cara cara orange, and steamed broccoli with a side of When Pigs Fly Low Carb Whole Wheat Bread spread with a little smart balance and garlic gold nuggets. Super delicious and healthy. The bread is awesome, it has 7g of carbohydrates. Freaked me out too when I saw it haha. I was like how is that even possible. There’s nothing funky in it since it’s freshly baked locally and it’s crazy dense and insanely good. I am now obsessed with it. Completely clean good for you whole grains. 🙂

Overall I think I had a beast mode kind of day. Clearly I had nothing to do, so relaxing, eating, and going to the gym were on my to do list. Now I just need to finish laundry and prep food for tomorrow since I have to work. Boowahhhh. 😉 If only I could get paid to blog, workout, and eat. Ohhhh what a life that would be!

See you guys tomorrow! Have a good night. 🙂


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