Motivation Monday

Welcome to Monday, people! Haha, I would say happy Monday, but we all know the start of the week is when we need a kick in the booty after the weekend. So I figured I would start off this Monday with a motivational burst first thing in the morning! This post I wanted to talk about balanced and healthy eating. That doesn’t sound super motivating, but I promise I will get there!

Whenever anyone wants to lose weight the first thing they think about are all of the things they have to cut out of their lives. How many calories they are allowed to consume. All the cardio they are going to have to do. Then they beat themselves up over the occasional slip, the holidays where they ate too many cupcakes, and all the steamed vegetables that have no flavor they have to endure. I can’t stand this, it makes me so sad. I’ve recently gone on multiple rants to my poor roommate about why this is so ridiculously unhealthy for everyone. I saw a lot of tweets this past holiday weekend where people were bringing their healthy food to their families houses so that they could stick to their diet. If that’s something you want to do because you hate the food there and you LOVE the food you brought then that’s totally awesome! But honestly, you don’t get to get together with your entire family often. Grandma doesn’t always make her apple pies. Have a slice! One day isn’t going to kill you! Healthy living and being fit isn’t about restriction and limitation. It’s about learning that it’s a lifestyle change. You can have your froyo and your abs. You can’t have your froyo every day. Everything in moderation! I had a cheat day last week and have been eating healthy ever since. I’ve still managed to lose weight, while eating the foods I love. It’s all about finding new and fun recipes. Finding new and fun workouts. Don’t think you have to be that guy at the gym lifting weights if that’s not what you are into. Being healthy and fit isn’t about that! If you love yoga do yoga. If you want a cookie one day, eat the cookie!

For the love of God everyone, it’s a marathon not a sprint. Happiness is where it’s at. Don’t get lost in all the numbers, all the counting, all the steamed veggies and baked chicken. Have fun with eating clean. Have fun with your workouts. And it’s okay to be naughty sometimes! It keeps you sane and if you don’t do it every day is totally fine! Learning to love your body is what this is all about. 🙂 I recently read an article that said the best thing for this country is to stop losing weight. 100 calorie packs and super restrictive calorie counting isn’t the way to do it! Learning to eat clean and giving your body what it truly wants by making a lifestyle change is how you will keep that weight off in the long run. So I am going to leave you with some motivational clips and I hope that this resonated with someone. Because honestly nothing makes me more sad than when people aren’t enjoying the food they are putting into their bodies and hating their workouts when they don’t have to. Remember to smile and have fun with it all. I promise, it’s worth it. The weight WILL come off. Give it time. 🙂 Remember, I love you all! And if you ever have a question or want a fun recipe I have a shizz ton. So just ask!

Seize your moment. 🙂 Get everything you want. You can do this. I would love it if any of you wanted to leave a comment as to what you are proud of, of yourself, in the comment section. ❤


2 thoughts on “Motivation Monday

  1. love this post from you! moderation is something i am still getting used to. I lost 7 lbs the summer before university, and I still enjoyed all the foods I wanted..I just made sure I stopped myself and measured everything out

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