Pina Coladas and Pineapple Salsa

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been a little MIA with school work and stuff going on but I wanted to show you guys some awesome food that I have had lately!

The other day it was 88 degrees outside and my roommate and I knew we just had to go eat by the water and have a fruity little cocktail. We ended up going to Poconos in Portsmouth, which had their deck open right next to the water. We ordered Pina Coladas to start and they were amazing. There was a ton of rum on the top when we first got them and we were worried they were going to be super strong because we could smell all that alcohol right away, but once we stirred it you couldn’t even taste it and it was epic!

Then we ordered some chips and salsa because we were starving and obviously couldn’t be bothered to wait for our food. 😉 I forgot to take a picture of those, but the salsa was amazing and had a nice bite to it. Plus, the chips were freshly made so it was that much better. My roommate and I decided to split our entrees so we could try the two things we wanted on the menu. We had shrimp tacos with pineapple salsa and lobster quesadillas. The shrimp tacos blew my mind. The shrimp was so big and fresh. The salsa was fresh and wicked flavorful. The lobster quesadillas were a slight let down. My roommate got the two slices that had the most lobster so I was jipped, but overall, I thought the quesadillas should have more lobster on a whole. Especially with the $16 price tag. The whole restaurant is pretty pricey, but the quesadilla was good but the only disappointment.

Those look amazing right? Omg so good. After this giant meal we had quite the sweet tooth so we went to another restaurant/bakery in Portsmouth called Popovers. I got the French Apple Crisp, which was to die for warmed up. It had an amazing streusal topping and a gooey brown sugar inside with fluffy dough, big chunks of cinnamon apple, and raisins. It was sooooo good. Holy cow! Worth every bite, but it was a little rich so I kind of wish I shared it. But my roommate was too busy downing her warm bread pudding. 😉 Love you, Tamar!

The next day I didn’t really take pictures of my food because I was super busy and on the road all day, but I did manage to take a picture of my amazing dinner. I tried the Grilled Hawaiian Chicken with Pineapple Salsa from the Tone It Up Beach Babe Update. It was amazing! There was so much food and the grilled pineapple was just so juicy and delicious. There is something about pineapple salsa and grilling things that is just so summery that I can’t wait for the warm weather to stick around and stop leaving us every couple of days. I am so sad it’s supposed to rain this weekend!

I swear there is chicken underneath all that salsa haha. But seriously, this was so easy. Plus, it was so fresh and completely clean and good for you. I seriously needed it after my huge cheat day as you can see. 😉

Now I leave you with a picture of me and my new obsession… My hat! I saw this hat in a bunch of Tone It Up videos and spent hours trying to find it online. But I finally found it and it came in the mail. I love the quote on it. 🙂 It makes me want to move to the beach and just surf! That’s not such a bad idea after all this stress from school, right?

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend. I am heading out to Martha’s Vineyard and I won’t have access to the internet so I won’t be able to update till Monday. I will be taking tons of pictures of food and have a bunch of updates for you next week. Until then, I love you guys! Have an amazing weekend full of amazing eats and awesome, kick butt workouts. 🙂


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