Martha’s Vineyard Recap

So as you all know the reason I was absent this weekend with posts was because I was on Martha’s Vineyard with no internet. However, I had an amazing time with my roommate at her house! I really enjoyed the fact that we both went on the slim down together while we were there. Being “home” since it will be my home at the end of May, really helped us refocus our energy back into this series and our healthy lifestyle. We had fallen off the bandwagon a bit, but realized it was really harmful to our bodies and all the progress we had made. This time around we are staying focused and doing the slim down two more times before the bikini series is over. YOU SHOULD ALL STILL SIGN UP FOR THE SERIES! Then let me know if you do and we can chat on twitter about everything! πŸ™‚

Anyways, we started off by not being able to get on the boat till 9:45 at night so we were driving around Falmouth, MA and may have made a pitstop to Dairy Queen… See I told you! Haha, I didn’t snap a picture of that but if you want an epic blizzard ask for a vanilla blizzard with cookie dough, oreos, and pie crust. You will thank me later! Here are some of the shots from Falmouth.

Those were just taken from some random parking lot we found while trying to kill time before our ferry reservation. The sunset was starting to get pretty! I wish I had a better camera because some of the houses were absolutely gorgeous. Except for this creepy fairy tale one we found… I should have gotten a picture, even my roommate was creeped out.

Here are some from my roommate and I’s date in Menemsha on Martha’s Vineyard. This actually kind of a funny story. We went to go see the sunset and were waiting in the car because it was kind of cold for the sunset to start getting pretty. I mentioned how I felt like we were going to miss the sunset waiting and within minutes the sun started to go behind the clouds. I was like GET OUT NOW! We managed to take some decent pictures even though we were dumb and should have just taken pictures when we got there. But if you are ever on Martha’s Vineyard, I highly recommend going to Menemsha to see the sunset. It was gorgeous. πŸ™‚

Beautiful, right? That was about the only day we experienced good weather. The rest of the weekend it was rainy and semi-dark. So before the sunset here we went for a nice run on a different beach with this awesome path! It had a great view and seriously kept me motivated for my week 2, day 3 Couch to 5k app plan! I managed to run 2.85 miles in 35 minutes. I went a little over the time since I was running back to the car and it took me longer than expected since it was really windy once I turned around. Here’s my proof! πŸ™‚

It was a great run! The sun was shining, it was cool but not too cold once I started running, and it was right next to the beach. What more could you ask for in a run?! You could tell I haven’t run outside in like… well, ever… Because my shins started to feel it and an old ankle injury started to flare up. But it was fine once I rested for the night! My body just needs baby steps when it comes to running outside. Another reason this plan is perfect! I wish I could run outside today, but unfortunately it’s been raining alllllllll dayyyyyyyy… Seriously, it’s the end of April. It shouldn’t be cold and rainy! Where’s my summer and sunshine? It cannot come fast enough. πŸ˜‰

Other than that the weekend was amazingly relaxing, full of good food and old movies, and maybe even successful in the job hunting front. I may be working at a Meat and Fish market! That may not sound exciting to some, but I am really excited about it for some reason! I have a phone interview tomorrow, so wish me luck!

See you love bugs tomorrow! Maybe I will do a vlog this week too!


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