WIAW #7 and a Vlog!

Happy Humps Day!!! I am super excited this morning because I filmed a vlog for all of you about my 5 day slim down results! The video will be at the bottom of this post for those of you who just want to see my WIAW post. 🙂 Basically this WIAW is what I did on the slim down. You guys get to see what a typical day was for me, then if you’re curious you can watch the video and see the results. Spoiler: I feel amazing!


For breakfast I had a slim down protein pancake topped with raspberries. Loved the addition of the raspberries. Normally I do blueberries or strawberries, but let me tell you those babies tasted amazing. I had another pancake this morning. I am now stuck in a protein pancake habit. Hope you all don’t mind. 😉 I also have a bombshell spell every morning to kick up my metabolism and help my tummy digest better!

Mid-Morning Munch

I had an apple plus a chocolate Zico. I did manage to take a picture of the Zico haha. By the way, these are amazing! They have great nutritional stats and this one tastes like chocolate milk. I hate every other Zico flavor, but this one satisfies my chocolate craving and helps hydrate me after a sweat fest. I love LOVE it. It has like 680 mg of potassium, which is more than a banana. It has electrolytes to refuel after your workout. Simple carbs from the chocolate, so it’s awesome when paired with a protein after a workout to drive the protein into the muscles and is only 110 calories. Chump change for people who workout. 🙂 I highly recommend it. It will definitely be with me through my half marathon training and during that actual half itself to keep me hydrated. Hydration is super important every single day! So drink up!


Every day on the slim down I had chicken teriyaki collard wraps. I am obsessed with these. They taste soooooooo amazing and they are super awesome for you! They have a nice little vegetable kicker and a protein punch. What more could you ask for in a lunch?!

Afternoon Smoothie

The same smoothie recipe I posted the other day. My crack berry smoothie wonder. I am doing a vlog soon reviewing some of the protein powders and supplements I use if you guys are curious. I’ll talk about why I chose them and the taste. I hope that’s helpful, because sometimes I get questions on Twitter.


For dinner I alternated between chicken with pineapple salsa and garlic shrimp! You guys get to see the garlic shrimp today, since it was my favorite. It was seriously so good! I put it over some quinoa to round out my meal with more protein! 🙂 Starches are super limited on the slim down to help cut you down and feel less bloated so that’s why most of these meals are protein based. I didn’t even miss the starches to be honest. But I do have a review coming up in a few minutes on a new clean cracker I found with amazing nutritional stats. 🙂

Late Night Snack

I had a bowl of blueberries and blackberries a couple hours after dinner when I got hungry. Sorry there was no picture, the lighting was awful!

Here’s my vlog on the results of my slim down! Let me know what you think! Or if you try it. My roommate and I are starting a group in a couple weeks of girls who are doing it again if you want to join let me know! 🙂


2 thoughts on “WIAW #7 and a Vlog!

  1. OMG I love your pancake…it looks all carby like an english muffin. How did you get yours so tall? Did you use a tiny pan or something? Mine always look all attached to the pan no rise at all!

    • It has virtually no carbs. It literally only has 4 haha. And I use baking powder to make it rise. I use a huge pan so I can cook more than one at the same time and I cook them in coconut oil for the healthy fats. 🙂

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