I miss you guys!

Hi everyone!

I know I have been gone for super long, but I finally got an entire day off from both of my jobs… Probably the only time this is going to happen all summer. So I figured I would take the chance to head into my work on my day off and snipe their internet to talk to you guys for a little bit! I have so much to fill you in on.

First, I started CrossFit at CrossFit Martha’s Vineyard and I began the Paleo diet. Whoa! Huge changes, right? Not. Anyways, for those of you who don’t already know, which I am pretty sure is no one, CrossFit is high intensity functional training. It’s basically changed my life. I am obsessed with it. Literally, I go every single morning at 5 am. 5 AM! I am not even a morning person, but I love it so much and that’s basically the only time I can go with my work schedule so I make it work. The workouts every day are awesome and completely different. They literally kick my butt every single day I go. I have bruises on my wrists currently from kettlebell cleans. Ouchies. Literally the 20 lb kettlebell hit my wrists 100 times in 25 minutes. It looks a little sketch. People may start to ask questions. 😉 Also, the paleo diet is something that a lot of CrossFitters have adopted. Also known as the Caveman Diet, the Paleo diet means eating like our ancestors would. You cut out grains, legumes, sugar, dairy, and alcohol. I started off doing the Whole30, which is the really strict version of Paleo, but with my busy schedule and not wanting something too strict for fear of crazy binging my roommate and I revised it to have most of our days follow the Whole30 principles, but have some exceptions. Like today I had some ice cream, the best ice cream of my life actually, along with a Pina Colada. Today was our cheat day.

I’ve already noticed a huge difference in energy levels and performance from this diet along with losing a lot of weight so far for not having been on it very long. Run on sentence, for the win. But I highly recommend people look into it if they haven’t. I haven’t craved anything but copious amounts of ice cream on the diet and I do not feel deprived at all. I feel like this is the way I was meant to eat and for so long I just ignored it. I feel amazing. I will link up certain words so you guys can check out what I am babbling on about. Also, check out some of these websites and blogs since they will add to your information and recipe arsenal if you do decide to do what I did! PaleOMG, Robb Wolff, Whole9, The Clothes Make the Girl, and the Primal Blueprint.

Anyways, let’s move on shall we! I’ve been eating a ton of meat haha. Literally, it’s my own personal heaven. I’ve stated before on here that I have no idea how vegetarians do it because I would starve. Meat makes me happy. Nut butters make me happy. Being paleo now makes me happy. Because now I can eat a lot of stuff and lose weight. 🙂 My dream come true. Let me show you a few of the meals I have remembered to take a picture of lately.

Buffalo Chicken Meatza (PaleOMG recipe)

My standard daily breakfast of 4 eggs, salsa, and avocado

Chicken Sausage, Peppers, and Onions

MY FAVORITE MEAL EVER! A giant sirloin burger with a sweet potato topped with almond butter! Literally I could eat that sweet potato combination every single day and be in the happiest mood ever. It is literally my favorite thing in the world right now.

Also, here are some of the things I have done in CrossFit. These WODs killed me and you can just barely see my score. I got a 12 on the death by shuttle run workout, meaning I did 12 shuttle run rounds in 1 minute. And I completed the 1-10-1 WOD in 25:24. 🙂

Some updates on me though, I am not really enjoying my summer apart from the working out and eating. I work 80 hours a week, have no social life, and am slightly miserable haha. But that’s okay because it’s only for the summer and my roommate and I are planning on moving in October after we go on a road trip. We are thinking VA, NC, or SC. If anyone has any recommendations on the city let me know! 🙂 We are Northerners so we are in uncharted territory. Something affordable and with a ton of jobs! Haha, I am so needy. My love life also sucks… AKA non-existante. I will be single forever on this island. So small. Not a lot of people. I don’t fit in with people who wear boat shoes and wrap sweaters around their neck either… It’s not like that’s a bad thing, I just swear like a trucker, am dirt poor, and can be really awkward along with making too many dirty jokes. You can’t take me anywhere. I am an embarrassment haha.

I think I covered everything in my boring life in a slightly over drawn out blog post. I clearly missed blogging way too much since this was the first thing I did upon sitting down at the table. I wish I could update this multiple times a day like I used to! Don’t worry, the second I move I will be talking so much you will all unsubscribe.

Until my next day off… Or October… Have an amazing day/summer! Keep checking my Twitter, I am much more active on there on a daily basis and post all of my eats. I also use instagram if anyone wants to look at that. I believe my name on there is mroy90. 🙂


6 thoughts on “I miss you guys!

  1. Wow I just found this. I actually thought you were doing TIU too. So you are doing paleo then. Meanwhile peanuts, almonds and cashews are legumes so is that still considered paleo if you eat nutbutters? According to the first video, on paleo they exclude legumes.

    • If you read some of my newer posts I talk about why I decided to not label my diet anymore and branch away from being strict paleo. I still don’t eat grains really, dairy only sometimes when I am having yogurt, but I eat all nuts and seeds now because I don’t find that they bother my stomach. I also use whey protein, which is a protein from milk. I only did paleo for a while when I was trying to figure out how individual food groups affected my body. I don’t respond well to most grains so I leave those out of my diet still. I am currently bodybuilding so I cannot follow the TIU plan very strictly but do adhere to some of their concepts. Hope that helps! Btw, almonds aren’t actually a legume unlike peanuts and cashews are still considered a grey area in paleo. If that was something you were interested in.

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