Getting Amped

Let’s talk about supplementation, shall we?

I am a big fan in getting everything you need from the clean food that you eat. However, with training for a half marathon and lifting 4 or 5 days a week I am aware that my diet isn’t always perfect. I like to make sure I am getting enough protein for my muscles to grow and get stronger. I also like to make sure they are recovering at the best rate that they can. Branch chain amino acids, electrolytes, and protein powders have become my best friends while training. I like to cook with protein powders as well, so I am a huge fan of making sure that everything I intake is as clean as possible and good for my body. Just a heads up I bought all of these products with my own money and researched them on my own. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated or contacted by any of the companies to do this post. I just thought some of you would like to know what I use. 🙂

Fitmixer Aminos

I am obsessed with these. Let me tell you people, these taste amazing! It’s basically hawaiin punch… Only good for you! It’s loaded with amino acids, which is awesome before and after working out. This is when I usually take them. I drink it before I workout so that the aminos are already in my system ready to be used when they are needed. I will definitely be repurchasing this stuff. I have noticed a complete difference in recovery times and overall how my body feels on it while working out. There’s only 25 calories per scoop, which I think is awesome, since you never want anything too high in your supplements especially if you are trying to lose weight.

This is just a fun shot of my roommate and I after our workout. Can you tell we are super excited to start chugging that? 😉

Fitmixer Protein

This stuff tastes like a cake batter milkshake. I combine mine with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, since I like the creamier taste it gets from it and it is out of this world good. It also has some sick stats.

32 g protein, 14 g carbs, 5 g fiber, 190 calories and 1.6 g Tri-Flow per 2 scoops

This is some serious good stuff. I only use one scoop after my workout since I think 32g is a bit much, but one scoop does an awesome job of helping me recovering and curing my incessant need for ice cream tasting things. 🙂

Sunwarrior Protein

I feel like this doesn’t even need an explanation. I have been using Sunwarrior for almost a year now and nothing compares to it. It has amazing stats and tastes. It’s the perfect protein to cook with. It’s raw, all natural, sprouted brown rice protein, gluten free, and only 70 calories sweetened with stevia and vanilla extract. It’s as clean as clean gets. 🙂

Vega Products

I’m not a vegan by any means, as you all know, but I do love vegan performance products. Vega has an awesome line of stuff out. One of my favorites being the electrolyte hydrator for helping me stay hydrated and fueled during my workouts. Especially when I am sweating like a beast. This happens every time I workout. This is 0 calories and tastes amazing! It also is loaded with the electrolytes your body needs to keep going during a hard training session.

I ran my fastest mile a couple weeks ago after taking a whole food optimizer shake. I got sent this for free as a promotion on the vega website to try. This stuff tastes really weird the first time you try it, but then it becomes oddly addicting. I got a ton of energy from it and it’s loaded with greens, vitamins, antioxidants, protein, and good for you minerals. I got the chocolate flavor.

A lot of people told me to try the Vega Vanilla Chai shake. It has a ton of greens, probiotics, protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants as well, which is nice. However, when I combine it with liquid it doesn’t always have a strong taste and can taste sort of watery and funky. But I do like it still. Not sure if I will repurchase, but I am currently using it and enjoying it.

Those are all my new supplements. I hope you check them out and let me know if you try them or have them and what you think in the comments section!


Random Eats

So my plan was to save a bunch of my pictures of food this summer. But most of them were really boring and repetitive, plus I forgot. So here are some recent clean eats that I have been having. 🙂

Salsa and Guacamole Omelet

I discovered an idiot proof way to make an omelet haha. I was so bad at making them before. Now i just scramble three eggs in a bowl and put it in a small pan then cover it. I let the egg cook basically all the way through before flipping it over. I am starting to brainstorm the million ways I can use this omelet since it actually kind of tasted like a wrap. Since I found out I am gluten intolerant lately, I haven’t been eating too many things with gluten. I can still do Ezekiel because it’s sprouted and gluten free oats, but all the other starches were out the window. I paired this omelet with salsa divino and wholly guacamole 100 calorie packs. So delicious, filling and easy. I get my protein, healthy fats, and carbs! Great way to start out the morning!

Looks professional, right? Can you tell I am proud of my egg flipping abilities?

2 Ingredient Banana Protein Pancakes

So these have been floating around the healthy living blogosphere lately. And I finally decided to try them this morning. They were insanely good and filling! I topped mine with some PB2, which I added pumpkin spice to. So flipping good! The pancakes are made with one medium banana mashed and combined with 2 eggs. Super easy and the macros are really low. 🙂

Chicken Tacos with Guacamole and Salsa

So I don’t use wraps and half the time I am too lazy to make a salad. So I normally just eat like a half a pound of ground chicken meat with guacamole and salsa. It’s fast and easy. Has a ton of protein and healthy fats. So it keeps me full and energized. This summer has been all about quick eats!

That one there was when I actually felt like having all the salad stuff too. 🙂

Chobani Flips

I just found this last night and it was pretty good. I really like it as fuel post run, since it is really high in sugar. I probably wouldn’t eat it at any other point or else I would get super hyper then want a nap. Yup, that’s how this kid acts on sugar. Like an infant.

Bananas and Almond Butter

This has to be my favorite snack on the planet next to sweet potatoes and almond butter. It gives me a ton of energy and fills me up before or after my workouts. I am an almond butter lover. Seriously, I could live off of this stuff. Half the time I just use the banana and sweet potato to eat large quantities of it in one sitting haha. And I wonder why losing weight was hard this summer. 😉

Powercakes Apple Pie ACV Drink

You all know how much I love raw apple cider vinegar and how awesome it is for your digestion and cleansing your body. I used to drink the bombshell spell all the time, but unfortunately I don’t need all the sugar from the juice and Powercakes, like her usual amazing self, found another way for me to tolerate drinking vinegar. Combine it with vanilla stevia and some water. Bam tastes like apple pie, no sugar. 🙂 Love it! Try it sometime! And go check out her website if you haven’t! I love her to pieces, she’s amazing and crazy motivating.

Here’s my order from iHerb! I love this place. I can basically find all of the healthy things that I need at an awesome price, since this island is overpriced, and it’s all the random stuff I can never find in store anyways! I ordered vanilla Sunwarrior, Vega chocolate covered savi seeds, 2 new blender bottles, PB2 and chocolate PB2, coconut flour, raw cacao nibs, and english toffee stevia. The other things in the photo are from a chocolate factory on the island called Not Your Sugar Mamas and their chocolate is raw and loaded with superfoods. It may be the most delicious chocolate I have ever had in my life. They ship everywhere so try it out!

And I leave you with another fun picture from this summer! 🙂

We were in the Martha’s Vineyard Nightlife paper! Haha, we were like oh god we would end up in this. I’m in the middle and my roommate is in the back on the right.


I Work Out

I’m sexy and I know it. Boom boom… Haha, just kidding. The song just popped into my head. Let me share with you all some of the workouts I have been doing since I stopped Crossfit. I have noticed some awesome definition lately and if any of you guys have instagram I update that daily with pictures of my food, some easy recipes, and progess pictures. 🙂 My username is mroy90.

*Just some of the personal pictures I post on Instagram. Lots of going out outfits and workout outfit pictures :)*

Moving on. I have split our workouts into Back/Biceps, Chest/Triceps, Shoulders, and Legs. In between these strengths sessions we do cardio days with one day off a week.


Lat Pulldowns 3×15
Back Flyes 3×15
Cable Back Flyes 3×15
Twenty Ones
Hammer Curls 3×12
Low Cable Rows 3×15
Inverted Rows 3×15
Concentration Curls 3×15
Bent Over Row 3×15
Cable Biceps Curls 3×15
Deadlifts 3×15
Chin Up Holds and Slowly Lowering for 10 seconds 3 sets
Pull Up holds and partials 3 sets

This is a picture from Crossfit where I was doing my one rep max of 145!


Bench Press 3×12
Chest Flyes 3×15
Cable Crossovers 3×15
Standing Pec Dec 3×15
Dumbbell Bench Press 3×15
Triceps Kickbacks 3×15
Triceps Overheads 3×15
Triceps Rope Overheads 3×15
Triceps Rope Pulldowns 3×15


The Seatbelt Move 3×15, each side
This new driving move, where you hold a plate out in front of you and rotate it back and forth slowly while keeping it in the front raise position 3×15
Front into Lateral Raises 3×15
Arnold Shoulder Press 3×15
Plate Shrugs 3×15
Plate raises overhead into a push press with the plate 3×15
Weighted Arm Circles 3×12
Weighted Lateral into Front Raises then lower 3×12


Leg Press 3×15
Calf Raises on the Leg Press 3×20
Free Standing Barbell Squats 3×12
Dumbbell Alternating Lunges 3×12, each side
Leg Curls 3×15
Sumo Squats 3×20, 5 partials end of each set
Smith Press Calf Raises 3×20
Step Ups 3×20, each side
Box Jumps 3×20

For cardio we are still just training for a half marathon rather unsuccessfully since a lot of time we tend to forget to do cardio. But we are trying to get better at it now that the summer is over. No excuses. We want to run the Nike Womens next year and the Seawheeze next year. 🙂

Stay put, the food post is coming right now!


Hey everyone! So the summer is winding down and I finally have time to sit here and write something for you all. I have missed blogging so much this summer, but the timing was never there for me to catch up with y’all. Let me fill you in on the happenings of this summer. I started out working 2 jobs, as I said earlier in some of my posts. It wasn’t working out. I was barely sleeping and working at one place that I couldn’t stand. So I walked out of the place and continued to work at the Edgartown Meat and Fish Market because I am obsessed with it and the people who work here. 😉 Two of the girls that worked there this summer, Maggie and Tory, basically changed my roommate and I’s life. They are such amazing people and I couldn’t imagine what my summer would have been without them. Maggie left yesterday and Tory left today and words cannot describe how sad I am and how much I am going to miss them. This is a quick little goodbye photo from yesterday, since basically the entire staff is going back to college minus my roommate and I. Keep in mind this is just a few of us haha.

We all became clearly obsessed with each other this summer haha.

Some more news in my life: My roommate and I are moving to Austin, Texas in November. We are going down in October to visit for a week, land some jobs, and lease an apartment. Huge move, but we have decided we want something different and need to really start our own life away from everything that is familiar. We are kind of crazy and spontaneous like that. So if any of you have any connections or recommendations in Austin just let me know! I would love to hear anything you guys have to say. 🙂 I am also going to start my NASM personal training certification and fitness nutritionist certification once I get there. Has anyone heard anything about the Integrative Nutrition school? I am considering starting that when I have the money to enroll.

My 22nd birthday is coming up in a couple weeks! I am super not excited haha. I feel old. However, I am excited to head to PA to see my Mom and celebrate my birthday with her and my roommate. I promise I will post tons of pictures and update you. I am hoping I can now blog once or twice a week once the season starts to really slow down on the island before I move.

I am going to keep this post a little on the shorter side and write another one with some food and workouts that I have been having lately. 🙂 I don’t want to overwhelm you all at once with an encyclopedia post. Thanks for all my readers who still come and check on my blog and read every once in a while. I couldn’t be happier!

Let me show you some of the sunsets from my beach runs. They have been absolutely gorgeous and insanely motivating to end this post off right. 🙂