I Work Out

I’m sexy and I know it. Boom boom… Haha, just kidding. The song just popped into my head. Let me share with you all some of the workouts I have been doing since I stopped Crossfit. I have noticed some awesome definition lately and if any of you guys have instagram I update that daily with pictures of my food, some easy recipes, and progess pictures. 🙂 My username is mroy90.

*Just some of the personal pictures I post on Instagram. Lots of going out outfits and workout outfit pictures :)*

Moving on. I have split our workouts into Back/Biceps, Chest/Triceps, Shoulders, and Legs. In between these strengths sessions we do cardio days with one day off a week.


Lat Pulldowns 3×15
Back Flyes 3×15
Cable Back Flyes 3×15
Twenty Ones
Hammer Curls 3×12
Low Cable Rows 3×15
Inverted Rows 3×15
Concentration Curls 3×15
Bent Over Row 3×15
Cable Biceps Curls 3×15
Deadlifts 3×15
Chin Up Holds and Slowly Lowering for 10 seconds 3 sets
Pull Up holds and partials 3 sets

This is a picture from Crossfit where I was doing my one rep max of 145!


Bench Press 3×12
Chest Flyes 3×15
Cable Crossovers 3×15
Standing Pec Dec 3×15
Dumbbell Bench Press 3×15
Triceps Kickbacks 3×15
Triceps Overheads 3×15
Triceps Rope Overheads 3×15
Triceps Rope Pulldowns 3×15


The Seatbelt Move 3×15, each side
This new driving move, where you hold a plate out in front of you and rotate it back and forth slowly while keeping it in the front raise position 3×15
Front into Lateral Raises 3×15
Arnold Shoulder Press 3×15
Plate Shrugs 3×15
Plate raises overhead into a push press with the plate 3×15
Weighted Arm Circles 3×12
Weighted Lateral into Front Raises then lower 3×12


Leg Press 3×15
Calf Raises on the Leg Press 3×20
Free Standing Barbell Squats 3×12
Dumbbell Alternating Lunges 3×12, each side
Leg Curls 3×15
Sumo Squats 3×20, 5 partials end of each set
Smith Press Calf Raises 3×20
Step Ups 3×20, each side
Box Jumps 3×20

For cardio we are still just training for a half marathon rather unsuccessfully since a lot of time we tend to forget to do cardio. But we are trying to get better at it now that the summer is over. No excuses. We want to run the Nike Womens next year and the Seawheeze next year. 🙂

Stay put, the food post is coming right now!


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