Hey everyone! So the summer is winding down and I finally have time to sit here and write something for you all. I have missed blogging so much this summer, but the timing was never there for me to catch up with y’all. Let me fill you in on the happenings of this summer. I started out working 2 jobs, as I said earlier in some of my posts. It wasn’t working out. I was barely sleeping and working at one place that I couldn’t stand. So I walked out of the place and continued to work at the Edgartown Meat and Fish Market because I am obsessed with it and the people who work here. πŸ˜‰ Two of the girls that worked there this summer, Maggie and Tory, basically changed my roommate and I’s life. They are such amazing people and I couldn’t imagine what my summer would have been without them. Maggie left yesterday and Tory left today and words cannot describe how sad I am and how much I am going to miss them. This is a quick little goodbye photo from yesterday, since basically the entire staff is going back to college minus my roommate and I. Keep in mind this is just a few of us haha.

We all became clearly obsessed with each other this summer haha.

Some more news in my life: My roommate and I are moving to Austin, Texas in November. We are going down in October to visit for a week, land some jobs, and lease an apartment. Huge move, but we have decided we want something different and need to really start our own life away from everything that is familiar. We are kind of crazy and spontaneous like that. So if any of you have any connections or recommendations in Austin just let me know! I would love to hear anything you guys have to say. πŸ™‚ I am also going to start my NASM personal training certification and fitness nutritionist certification once I get there. Has anyone heard anything about the Integrative Nutrition school? I am considering starting that when I have the money to enroll.

My 22nd birthday is coming up in a couple weeks! I am super not excited haha. I feel old. However, I am excited to head to PA to see my Mom and celebrate my birthday with her and my roommate. I promise I will post tons of pictures and update you. I am hoping I can now blog once or twice a week once the season starts to really slow down on the island before I move.

I am going to keep this post a little on the shorter side and write another one with some food and workouts that I have been having lately. πŸ™‚ I don’t want to overwhelm you all at once with an encyclopedia post. Thanks for all my readers who still come and check on my blog and read every once in a while. I couldn’t be happier!

Let me show you some of the sunsets from my beach runs. They have been absolutely gorgeous and insanely motivating to end this post off right. πŸ™‚


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