Howdy y’all! I haven’t heard any howdy’s since I have been in Texas, but y’all seems to be pretty abundant. Along with lots of lifted Ford trucks and rugged Mustangs. To say that makes my day would be an understatement.

When I first got to Austin and finished having all the blonde moments in the world within the airport we set out in the car we rented for some food. To say we were culture shocked is putting it mildly. My roommate and I are from very small towns, heck she’s from an island, and we basically suffered whiplash from the neighborhood we ended up in. I’ve never seen rougher areas of cities, to be honest. Call me sheltered I guess but it was jarring. After the initial shock of that wore off and we finally stopped being lost for hours and found food and a hotel we were in a much better place.

We went apartment hunting on Wednesday and finally made a decision on where we are going to live today! It’s so gorgeous and located right near the nature preserve, which has all these beautiful trees and rolling hills right near it!

Looks like a mansion in LA, right? When we pulled up my roommate started singing the Copacabana song because their pool has a cabana right off to the side. To say this apartment complex is nice in an understatement. You can get so much more in Austin, Texas for the money than what is offered in New England. The north is so darn expensive for everything!

I ate out at the most amazing restaurant the other night. Really delicious Mexican food, but I was so hungry I forgot to take a picture of anything I ate. 😦 La Condesa is one of the best restaurants I have been to and has the best taquitos, salsas, guacamoles, and helados on the planet. If you are here ever it’s a must visit. I recommend the birthday cake helado… You will not regret it! They also try to use local, fresh ingredients whenever possible because Austin loves supporting local business and agriculture. I love that little quirk! I did find some pictures on google of things that I ate and the general vibe of the restaurant so here they are:

^That is a spiced arbole chili cake with banana caramel ice cream and caramelized bananas. The cake was so fudgy and moist, basically a molten lava cake type of thing, and was the most delicious and interesting cake I think I have ever eaten.

Also, let’s pause for a moment and talk about my new love affair… THE FLIPPING WHOLE FOODS! It’s huge and has the most amazing food, juices, and smoothies. I am in love. Epically in love. Can someone even be in love with a grocery store?! Well… I am. I have made the biggest salad beast power bowl combinations in the world with all fresh and organic ingredients.

Also, the pumpkin pie sorbet and cookies & cream gelato were maybe my favorite ice creams on the planet.

The pumpkin pie sorbet almost tasted like the ice cream version of a gingerbread man… It was epic. I want more already just looking at the picture. #pumpkincrazedlunatic

I have started off most mornings with green juices and almond butter smoothies from the juice bar. They are amazing. I dream about the almond butter one at night sometimes… It’s an issue. I should seek help for my insane love of food.

This one has kale, lemon juice, parsley, cucumber, spinach… And a couple other things that I am sure I am forgetting. It’s really good! And I think it helped me get over a head cold that was starting to form after all that traveling and lack of sleep.

This one is my favorite. It has almond milk, almond butter, raw cacao, coconut water, banana, and coconut oil in it. 🙂 Keeps me full and energized for hours while I am out job and apartment hunting. More on that tomorrow!

LOOK AT THIS SECTION OF NUT BUTTERS! Sorry for all the yelling… I am just so excited.

You best believe I am stocking up on some Justin’s Nut Butter and Earth Balance Coconut Peanut butter. Also, there’s an exclusive Vanilla Justin’s Almond Butter here that I am so excited to try.

Look at this awesome wall outside of one of the Lululemon’s I applied for! It’s super cute and inspirational. It has most of the quotes from their manifesto painted on it. The people there were super nice and amazing! Highly recommend stepping in there. Try not to blow $200 like I did… I should probably return that, but I have a love affair with yoga pants and I can’t seem to bring myself to actually return them. 😉 They’re work pants, right?

I have to show you a couple pictures from the airport and airplanes that make me laugh. Such as my snack of green beans. I could not have gotten more weird looks from people while I munched on those.

Also, the new Oxygen magazine is bomb dot com if y’all find it!

Can we look at this Sky Mall gem I found. It reminded me of Meet the Parents. I literally laughed out loud on the airplane. I am such a winner. #singleforever

I can’t wait to fill y’all in on the most exciting job opportunity I found. Let me make sure it pans out before I spill the beans! 🙂 I am hoping to hear back from more places soon. Have a great night everyone!


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