Show me the Green

Today’s title has a double meaning. I spent most of the day doing some more job hunting around Austin. We are hearing some potentially promising leads… Even though it looks like I will have no life as soon as I move here. I cannot wait to share big news with you soon, hopefully! It’s a super exciting opportunity.

Anyways, back to the other exciting part of that title. Today’s theme on the PlantPOWER challenge was green. I love dark green, leafy veggies. They give me energy, clear my skin up, leave my stomach feeling happy and flat, and are overall one of the best colors of veggies for my body personally. So I was super stoked to start my morning off with another Energize Me green juice from Whole Foods this morning. Along with a delicious bowl of 2 hard boiled eggs, 2 egg white cups, a little vegan steel cut oats with sliced almonds and pecans, grapes, and cinnamon; vegan migasa (I have no idea what it is other than it is amazingly delicious!), some butternut squash (because I’m obsessed and the Eat Clean Diet Team and Tosca Reno have paired up with the plantPOWER challenge and added clean carbs to the challenge!), and zucchini! I always have the most random bowls from the Whole Foods Hot Bar, but I love it. My taste levels are always all over the place and I love being able to have a million different things to try all at once.

After being sufficiently fueled up, we began our trip of stalking checking out some of the 24 Hour Fitnesses in the are since we basically did a Gold’s Gym tour yesterday. Along the way we made a stop at GNC for some more Quest Bars. I just tried these out the other day while I was traveling and I love them! They have 20g of protein, they’re gluten free, have a ton of fiber, and made with all natural minimal ingredients. I don’t normally like bars because they remind me of candy bars and are often filled with junk, but these ones are the best when you need something quick!

After driving around for an insane amount of hours, we headed back to Whole Foods (we are becoming rather predictable this trip) for another giant salad beast. This time I had some cranberry, pecan, summer kale salad, apple pecan couscous, turkey, a hard boiled egg white, a couple Caribbean sweet potato wedges, pineapple, grapes, artichoke hearts (obsessed), marinated feta cheese, cilantro tofu, Jamaican jerk tempeh (omg awesome, first time trying tempeh), and tomatoes.

I also have to share an amazing tea find with you guys! There’s a place at the Domain called the Steeping Room. It sells Iced Teas of the day, plus you get a free refill, and they have this amazing flavor of green tea that tastes like a coconut macaroon. It’s so good! If you have one in your area run there now and grab Beautiful Coconut. I’m currently obsessed big time!

We are heading out tonight for the first time since we arrived on Tuesday to check out the infamous 6th Street and its bar scene. I will try to snap some pictures for y’all to see! Have an awesome Friday night everyone. Posting a new workout tomorrow after my roommate and I run through it at Lifetime Fitness. I fell in love with that gym when I went to apply. Cross your fingers that I hear back from them! 🙂


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