La Condesa

So remember when I said I ate at an amazing restaurant when I first got here, yet I didn’t take any pictures to show y’all what I ate? Well consider myself redeemed. I suffered through eating there once more for your viewing pleasure. 😉

So what’s awesome about this restaurant is that they have a high class feeling with amazing service, yet at a semi-affordable price. Our waiter was so attentive tonight it was almost unreal. He literally had our waters full throughout the entire meal and everything was really quick from the time we sat down to the time we left.

We started off with the jumbo lump crab, apple, coconut vinegar, and agave guacamole with their selection of house salsas. Starting from the middle left was the tomatillo salsa, then the ancho chili salsa, the habanero mango salsa, and another chili salsa that’s my favorite but I forgot the name. Their chips are homemade and to die for! They are light, crispy, and hold up really well to the flavors of the guacamole and salsas.

After the appetizers were sufficiently dominated we move onto their pollo rostizado taquitos. They were two small tacos filled to the brim with rotisserie chicken, citrus rub, salsa verde, and cilantro. I added a little of the leftover guacamole from the appetizer to top it off. These are so moist and delicious and the perfect serving if you are still saving yourself for dessert, which we all know I was. C’mon I have to go back to carb cycling in a few days. I have been taking advantage of every free moment. 😉

After dinner we ordered a serving of the homemade birthday cake helado (Mexican ice cream). It is hands down the most amazing ice cream I have ever had. It tastes like confetti cake batter only way more amazing. Plus, they put these crumbled sugar cone like things on the bottom and top it with sprinkles… I die of a giant foodgasm just talking about it. It is SO good. Also, it comes with this little Mexican cookie on the side. I’m not really sure what it is other than covered in powdered sugar and absolutely delicious.

You think we stopped there… Nope! We finished off the evening with their Spicy Boca Negra, which is a chile-spiked warm flourless chocolate cake with caramelized banana and brown sugar-banana ice cream. The cake can’t really be called a cake since it’s barely cooked. It’s basically a full blown chocolate molten lava cake minus the cake and extra lava. It’s served warm, which means the ice cream gets all melty on top and when you combine those two things with the caramelized bananas you get magic in your mouth. The chili is really interesting in the cake, because you aren’t fully sure what to expect. But it intensifies the chocolate flavor and adds a nice little spice all at the same time. Cuts through the sweetness just a little bit.

All in all these place deserves a big hi five. I kid you not, I am not normally a fan of Mexican food, but this was delicious! I went twice in one week… That should tell you something. I love the atmosphere, the presentation of the mouth watering food, the location, and the ice cream. Seriously I have dreams about that ice cream some nights…

Life update! I signed the application for my apartment in Canyon Creek today! Our move in date is November 2nd. That’s literally right around the corner. I am freaking out both in excitement and the stress of still not having any solid jobs. Cross your fingers for me!


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