Procrastination Nation

My apartment never looks cleaner than when I have a paper due. This is attributed to the fact that I would rather do anything else than look threw a boring book and try to say something interesting about the psychological approach it took haha. Let’s talk about more fun things!

I mentioned this morning how I was watching my weight slightly increase little by little since Pennsylvania and I decided I was going to eat clean and really try to get it back down. Well my delusional thought was to try the 7 Day Slim Down from the Tone It Up diet plan. People rave about this thing… I’ve done it once before and found it to be utter torture to my stomach and taste buds. It’s like eating cardboard for every meal of every day. Cardboard that never leaves you full or satisfied. This could just be me because I have a substantial appetite, but honestly I don’t get how people do it! After my delusional thinking subsided and my stomach took a ravenous growl, I reached for the one thing in life that gives me a happy tummy and makes me less of a diva. Strawberry Chobani! I obviously enjoyed every last bite. And yes, I really am that lame that I would post this picture haha. 🙂 All for you!

Alrighty, so I tried to take a nap today due to the fact that I have come across and random bout of insomnia coupled with narcolepsy in class. Oh wait sorry that’s just me being a lazy senior again haha. So after freezing my butt off walking in the cold to and from class I decided it would be nice to curl into a warm bed. Unfortunately, winters in New England make that impossible and my bed was colder than my room. Therefore, I got bored after about 45 minutes of still being awake doing nothing and decided to be productive. MAKE LUNCH! Say hello to a new regular on the lunch front. Another chicken, apple, kale, spinach, and cucumber salad with Annie’s Lite Honey Mustard Dressing. Yeahhh buddy!

So this is the point in the post where I want to be 100% honest with you guys. I’ve been struggling with how I view food and my body lately. Shocking, right? Nawwwt (Borat voice). Here’s the thing, I think every female goes through this when they gain a couple pounds back. If they’re dieting, they wonder what they are doing wrong, if they aren’t they hate the scale for being mean again. But honestly it’s become a viscous cycle that I have had to struggle with since I took the plunge to lose weight last May. I find it hard sometimes to have self control with my pizza cravings and I find it hard to stomach when the scale goes up even 2 pounds. But I realized that’s something I need to work on! It’s not a super healthy habit and there is no point in beating yourself up over that one slice of pizza or those random two pounds that could be from the water you just drank. P.S. I drink like a fish… Water that is. 😉 So my pledge is to start really learning the meaning of being healthy. It has nothing to do with a number on a scale. It’s learning how to balance your life and listening to what your body needs, not what your mind wants. I am hoping that I will be able to start thought changing whenever these negative thoughts creep it. We like to stay happy happy! I mean I’m a pretty happy, energetic person anyways so why let this get me down?

Question of the day: Does anyone else have these problems? What do you do to combat them?


First Day of Classes

Oh man, I am simply not the best morning person to ever walk the earth. Classes started today and I had an 8 am neuroscience class on Drugs and Behavior. At 8 am… Did I mention this class is at 8 am?! Who does that…? Haha. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it, but being a psychology major sometimes bites the big one. 😉 Also, neuroscience is kind of a big blur for me. I just sat in class today wondering what the heck he was talking about and all he was doing was a basic introduction. Then when I went to the reading for tonight, I might as well have been reading Russian. I just have no idea about all this complex circuitry business.

However, the one upside to being back is I can get back to my routine that I have missed so much. 🙂 I am so happy to be going to the gym today to get a hardcore sweat session started up. Also, super healthy eats are planned for today since my body is feeling a little less than stellar with all the indulgences from the past week along with being sick.

So to start out my morning I made a recipe from Dashing Dish. Her blog is awesome and I highly recommend that everyone checks it out. Not only does she have some awesome recipes, but she has a lot of really lovely and inspirational blog posts. This is what I ended up having this morning along with a side of Orange Juice since I’m still sick and apparently out of water haha. The oatmeal is super filling and I love the combination of nut butters with chocolate… As do most people, I assume. 😉 I normally top it with bananas, but since I’ve been gone for almost two weeks there is literally nothing in my cabinets… Till now! I went grocery shopping. I was starting to miss my salad beasts. I missed them so much they made an appearance today for my lunch. This salad beast contains low sodium turkey, spinach, bell peppers, corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, and carrots. The dressing was one of my favorites! Annie’s Lite Raspberry Vinaigrette. It’s delicious and you can actually pronounce all of the ingredients so there’s nothing funky in there. 🙂 I also had a light babybell cheese on the side. Yum yum!

So I went to the grocery store and loaded up my fridge with a ton of produce. Literally it took up the entire bottom of my cart. Doing this week right! 😉 Time to get out of my vacation indulgences. My body is already starting to feel better and it’s only lunch time. Also, I decided that I would be more apt to eat more vegetables in my diet if I prepped all my vegetables ahead of time. I cut up all my bell peppers and cucumbers and bought small packs of baby carrots! It’s going to be a good week!

I hope everyone is having an awesome week so far! It’s about time I go pick up some books so that I am somewhat prepared for my classes. 😉